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There are many things that Hispanics from different nationalities have in common: language, culture, food, and values top the list. However, sports are one thing that Hispanics also love to watch and participate in.

Hispanics are big fans of boxing, baseball, UFC fights, basketball, and football.

While it may not be as vibrant as soccer's following, football has a large, thriving Hispanic fanbase.

Over 30 million Hispanic Americans consider themselves NFL fans, according to a SSRS/Luker on Trends Sports Poll.

The NFL believes more than 22 million citizens in Mexico identify as NFL fans, and that there are more than 40 million league fans who reside in Latin America overall.

In fact, the NFL's single-game attendance record was set at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City in 1994 when 112,376 spectators watched a preseason matchup against the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys.

And now with only one day left for the 2023 NFL Draft, Hispanics fan are excited. The three-day event started Wednesday, and it is expected to end Saturday, reminding Hispanics that football is right around the corner.

A usual Football game night consists of Barbecue for Hispanics.

Some beer and family time with a TV outside is the perfect Sunday funday, and even more so when it's the Superbowl. No matter what team is playing, Hispanics will be there to watch. It is more of a family gathering.

In the 2023 Superbowl, the Spanish-language audience average for the game was 951,000, a record for the most-watched Super Bowl game in Spanish-language cable television history. It was also the most watched non-soccer event in Spanish-language cable history.

Hispanics use sports as a way to socialize and make friends. Around 55% of Hispanics say they are more likely to watch a football game at someone else's house, while 45% of non-Hispanics say they do so.

While some Hispanics watch football for the love of the sports, some Hispanics just watch it to make friends.

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