Nicolas Maduro Tweets In Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Arabic; Soon To Add Mandarin And Russian To Spread His ‘Message Of Peace’

Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro not only joined the Twitter craze last March to boost his presidential campaign, being one of the most active political figures on the social media, but now he wants to "tell the truth" about Venezuela in many languages. He already opened up English, French, Portuguese and Arabic accounts and "very soon" he will also be tweeting in Russian and Mandarin.

"Now my tweets are available in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic, to tell the world the truth about the land of Bolívar and Chávez," Maduro tweeted in his Spanish account. Adding later "Here you have the accounts: @maduro_en @maduro_fr @maduro_pt @maduro_ar ! And soon in Russian and Mandarin," in his English account.

After he broke the news about his multi-lingual accounts, Maduro proceeded to tweet in his main Spanish account the same message in all the languages he announced he was going to be tweeting in, after expressing his support to Pope Francis and his call for a "worldwide fast for peace and an end to the war on the Middle East," referring to the Syrian conflict.

Maduro has over 1.3 million followers on the social network, and although a significant number, he hasn't reached Hugo Chávez's 4.1 million, that remain even after his death, being the number two president with the most followers after Barack Obama. The late president of Venezuela relied on Twitter as a frequent communication tool, expressing opinions, government decisions, reactions to facts and events worldwide and as a vehicle to reach to his supporters.

The current president of Venezuela also falls way behind the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles, who became the Latin American politic with the most followers on that platform after Chávez died, reaching a little over 3.5 million. However, the amount of Twitter followers didn't help him win the presidential election on April 14, which he lost for 1.49 points, creating a stir in Venezuela after most of the population claimed that the whole elections process was a fraud.

What do you think about Maduro's move to tweet in many languages? Do you follow him? Will you be following him?


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