The Met Gala. Fashion's "night of nights." Best red carpet event in the world. Top social event in New York every year. Vogue. Anna Wintour. Need we say more?

Yes, it's every fashionista's dream to admire the parade of designer gowns that walk through the red carpet in the body of -sometimes way too skinny-celebrities. But tossing aside the fact that there's a gym in my building and I don't even know where it is and for that reason I might never be able to fit in any of those dresses, it's still very enjoyable to admire the great creations of fashion's biggest names.

This year, the main focus wasn't so much in the dresses, but in the hairstyle of a celebrity that took the punk-themed night very seriously.

We're talking about Nicole Richie, whose gray hair made more than one person to stare indiscreetly at her as she strolled down the red carpet effortlessly in a gorgeous Top Shop dress, flawless makeup finished up with a custom made lipstick shade blended by makeup artist Beau Nelson, and a wine and gold half-moon manicure created by Kimmie Kyees.

Back to the hair. Richie's stylist Luke Chamberlain spray painted her golden locks with a silver shade, and piled it atop her head in a gravity-defying updo. The color actually looked amazing, contrasting Nicole's olive skin and perfectly applied makeup.

To some, she might look a little bit like X-Men's Storm, but this trend has been going on for quite some time now, with celebrities like Kelly Osbourne changing their hair dramatically to pastel colors, and rocking it with elegance.

Nicole's silver hair was only for the night, and she even joked with reporters on the red carpet saying that she encouraged people not to touch her as they could've ended stained, but we definitely think it would be interesting to see that look on a day-to-day basis.

Overall the look was perfect for the "Punk! Chaos to Couture" event, and she went to the exact amount of over-the-topness to create a look that will forever be remembered in the fashion books.

What do you think? Is she rocking the hair style or is it a total mess?