A glamorous nightclub owner who was called “Barbie” because of her good looks has been arrested for allegedly prostituting minors.

The suspect, identified as Samara Nascimento Nobrega. Better known as “Barbie” because of her good looks, the 34-year-old was arrested in Parnaiba, Brazil.

She was arrested after a 17-year-old was allegedlyto prostitute herself at one of the establishments of Nobrega. The unnamed teenager was allegedly paid the equivalent of £31 $38 for every customer she had sex with, GP1 reported.

As a result, Nobrega was charged with prostituting minors. An investigation on the 34-year-old and her nightclubs is underway.

Aside from prostitution charges, Nobrega and her boyfriend were charged of stealing electricity from the grid. “Barbie” allegedly owned two nightclubs - one in Parnaiba and the other in Luis Correia, both cities in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Piaui.

"We received information that there was an investigation in Para regarding possible teenagers who left Belem, in Para, and were being managed by a person here in our city,” Williams Pinheiro, the regional delegate of Parnaiba, stated.

"We started our investigation and identified the houses where the minors were and they were busted at 'Sitio da Barbie,'" he added.

The boyfriend of Nobrega was the first one who was arrested. The 34-year-old was arrested after a short while later.

"A preventive arrest warrant was served against her for the crime of prostitution of minors under 18 and for theft of energy," Pinheiro said.

It was added that Nobrega ran for public office in 2020 where she received 68 votes. She went on to serve as a substitute councillor.

Authorities are reportedly still identifying the other victims of the child prostitution ring.

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