Ninel Conde's Ex, Juan Zepeda, Fires Insults At Star, Calls Her 'Fake' And A 'Monster' [VIDEO]

Juan Zepeda, Ninel Conde
The "Bombón Asesino" singer is facing allegations from her ex and wants to take her to task in the court of law. Univision/GettyImages

Juan Zepeda is on the firing line attacking Ninel Conde for wrongfully accusing him of fraud and imprisoning him for seven months. The former partner of the "Bombón Asesino" hitmaker was interviewed by "El Gordo y La Flaca" and he did not hold back on his thoughts.  "The woman hast to start paying for each tear that my father [deceased], my mother, and my children had," he told the show. "The first thought that comes to mind is the injustice, the montages, her now ex partner [Giovanni Medina] has been explicit in that everything that went against me was a montage from authorities by Ninel's part and I think that my personal circumstances obligate me morally to take legal action against her."

"I will not stop and I will go on to the ultimate consequences because she was cruel, viel, and there were a lot of lies. For her ex to be saying it, it's too much, and she knows that this series of actions against her have started and she will say whatever is more convenient for her but it's evident that it was all false." Zepeda also added, " I want her to pay for what she was involved with, that she has to pay for what she did, she has to. It's not in me, it's in the authorities. I think that she's already paying for it since the moment that she's destroying another family, making her son suffer, all her vices have been exposed, because we all know that the public Ninel that shows herself as the victim is not the real one."

Ninel Conde's ex did not stop there, he also said, "She is a woman that is a gold-digger, selfish, a person that only thinks about herself and not anything else. She knows how to pick her partners very well because she knows who she can manipulate and control to accomplish her desires."

Juan Zepeda also alleged that Conde accused him of fraud because she wanted to get back at him for dumping her "but I couldn't stand her behaviour of someone like that, she went out of any parameter of a decent person." Zepeda makes it clear that this is not revenge. "I will get to the bottom of this and I will reveal everything that I lived in that home, this is not revenge, it's saying the truth. I do have reasons for revenge, it was a low blow. She is someone worse than a monster. Yes, the monster shows itself as a monster and because Ninel shows herself to the public with one face, before her family with another face, before the Christian community with another face, there are many 'Ninel's', the monsters show themselves as monsters and a person that has a face for every moment, that is not authentic, that is not herself, causes a lot of damage."

The drama against Ninel Conde thickens and you can watch the words right out of Juan Zepeda's mouth in the video below. It will be interesting to see what Conde says or how she reacts to these new allegations that show her in bad light.

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