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While there has been no real news regarding Nintendo's reported next title the Nintendo NX, there are current rumors suggesting that a handful of popular Wii U titles will be ported to the next-generation console.

According to known leaker and alleged Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers, there are a few top Wii U titles that will be ported to the NX console.

Segment Next reports, Rogers posted to Twitter telling readers the games that will be among the launch titles of the NX console. The tweet has since been deleted, but Rogers also added that there will be more Wii U ports and gamers are sure to know of at least four of them. Although Rogers didn't exactly name any titles many have guessed at which Wii U games will be ported over.

Looking at the Wii U titles coming and currently available, we put our money on "Super Smash Bros.," the hugely popular "Splatoon," "Super Mario Maker" and quite possibly the latest "Star Fox" title.

While the speculations regarding the Wii U ports remains open, a number of new titles have also been rumored to be released on Nintendo NX including: "Luigi’s Mansion 3," "Star Wars Battlefront" and "Battlefield." As well as "Beyond Good and Evil 2," "Mech Super eXtended" and an untitled Ubisoft game.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user has revealed some interesting details regarding the NX console. According to user Untypedhero, the NX console will include:

  • x86 architecture
  • Backup data to Nintendo cloud service
  • Support for additional screen
  • Can handle ports of current-gen games
  • Will be able to interact with smartdevice apps
  • Using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points

Furthermore, the NX console could more than likely run games in 4K, reports Forbes. A 4K NX console could compete with current-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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