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Gambling dependency has become a significant problem in many countries. With most countries developing ways for responsible gambling, not all have been successful. The UK has been battling gambling dependency for a long time, and to address the issue, it created the GamStop scheme. The scheme strictly follows regulations and practices set out by the UKGC license. Despite the scheme gaining popularity in the UK, many players have opted out, feeling the restrictions were too much for them. As a result, they seek alternative casino sites such as the non GamStop casinos. This article takes you through everything you need to know about non GamStop casinos.

About the Non GamStop Casinos

A non GamStop casino is simply a casino not on GamStop or a non-UK casino. Gambling dependency is a problem faced by many. It is easy to find yourself converting a hobby or entertainment into an addiction. The initial step to the solution of gambling dependency is to accept that you are spending too much time and money on gambling. At this point, taking the necessary steps toward abstinence is essential. Most casinos offer self-exclusion options which allow players with gambling dependency to take some time off to work on their problem. Voluntary exclusion has been enacted by individual casinos and governments and has been quite effective in addressing gambling dependency.

However, in the UK, GamStop is the most popular solution for players with gambling issues. In the UK, when you decide to limit your betting activities, you must do it through GamStop, which denies you access to gambling sites. Currently, all the sites under UKGC have to register with GamStop to promote responsible gambling. As a result, when you declare that you want to take a break, you will have to do it through GamStop.

UKGC and GamStop

The partnership between UKGC and GamStop has resulted in stringent rules and regulations to ensure responsible gambling. Some players feel the rules are too strict, and if you change your mind about limiting your betting, you will have to wait until the exclusion period is over. For that reason, many players seek alternatives outside the UKGC jurisdiction. As a result, many opt for the non GamStop casinos, where there are fewer restrictions on how you can bet. This has hugely contributed to the increased number of players in non GamStop casinos.

Why are Non GamStop Casinos Popular in the UK?

The rise in popularity in the non GamStop casinos has raised eyebrows, especially with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Many people wonder how so many players would be willing to risk their money and identity outside UK casinos. Taking time off an addiction helps you to understand where and why your problems started. Once you are clean and confident, you should have the opportunity to play again.

Players require time out from gambling for one reason or the other. After self-exclusion, some get their heads together and are ready for another try. However, when it comes to GamStop self-exclusion, the terms and conditions do not change. You have to wait for the exclusion period to elapse. It means that once GamStop has banned you, it must last as per the agreement, irrespective of your gambling dependency status.

Waiting period

For example, if a player’s ban is for five years, you would have to wait for the period to elapse before getting a chance to gamble again. It is a long time, and many things can happen within this period to help you recover from the addiction quickly. However, that does not mean you can get back to betting. You still have to wait for the five-year ban period to elapse. For this reason, players seek other alternatives, and most end up at non GamStop casinos.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Non GamStop Casino

When choosing a non GamStop casino, there are certain factors to pay attention to. Here are some elements to help you settle for the most reliable non GamStop casino.

Variety of Games

With many non GamStop casinos finding their way to UK players, it is best to choose the one that offers the most variety. A player should go to a casino providing card games, slots, table games, etc. Make sure your selected casino partners with the right sportsbooks to increase your betting opportunities. With sufficient research, getting one that provides what you are looking for becomes easy.

Terms and Conditions

Every casino operates on its terms and conditions, which are always in the fine print. When dealing with non GamStop, you should take extra care since you are not part of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It means you will be at a higher risk in case of any issues with the casino. Therefore, ensure to carefully read the terms and conditions to know how the casino operates. It will help you understand what's expected of you.

Casino Reviews

With all the fuss surrounding the non GamStop casinos, it is critical to check the casino’s reviews. They will help you have a feel of other players’ experiences to gauge whether the casino is safe and trustworthy. Also, check out how the casino has been reviewed on other sites to know if you can trust them with your money. A good review should include payment options, games, customer service delivery, and additional relevant information to help you make an informed decision. Consult professional casino reviewers like for a comprehensive review of non-GamStop casinos.

Company Details

Since the risks in dealing with a non GamStop casino are high, it is best to check the company details of the casino you have selected. If it is a registered company, it should have the required licence from the relevant regulator to show they have been authorized to operate. The casino should also have customer protection policies and third-party certification of their games.

Pros and Cons of Non GamStop Casinos

Like any other casino, non GamStop casinos have advantages and disadvantages. Let's brush through the pros and cons of such casinos.


The non GamStop casinos do not restrict their players to self-exclusion. Therefore, you can enjoy your games as much as you wish. However, when it comes to the GamStop self-exclusion, you will be given time out, depending on the agreement. It can put you out of the game for more than six months, a year, or five years.

Whether you are playing for entertainment or to win the bet, you usually want to play on your terms. The strict rules and regulations provided by the GamStop scheme have resulted in players seeking alternatives like the non GamStop casinos, where there is flexibility. Here you place your bets without feeling like you’re treading on eggshells.

With GamStop, there is a mandatory waiting period of six months. You must wait for six months to elapse before you re-register with any UK casino. This can be pretty frustrating for a player who wants to take a break from playing for reasons other than addiction. However, with the non GamStop casino, you can always take a break when you feel like it and get back to betting when you’re ready.

The UK-licensed casinos must follow a strict way of running their operations. It limits players on what to bet on. On the other hand, non GamStop offers players an array of games, including various bonuses and promotions.

Non GamStop casinos offer higher withdrawal cashouts. It encourages you to place higher wagers, knowing you will be able to access your money. For GamStop casinos, there is lower cash out to try to promote responsible betting, and it limits those with higher deposits to play. Non GamStop casinos also encourage anonymous play, making it easy to make your high withdrawals comfortably.


The United Kingdom Gambling Commission does not regulate the non GamStop casinos. Being an offshore casino, they hardly follow the strict rules and regulations set by regulated sites. As a result, players in such casinos may receive a different level of protection than those in GamStop casinos.

Most of the non GamStop casinos share little information about their company. As a result, it becomes difficult for the player to know exactly what they are signing up for. The lack of transparency opens doors for scammers and swindlers, making losing your money easier.

Gambling dependency is a problem that requires sufficient attention. Many UK players have suffered from gambling dependency, which is why the GamStop scheme came into play to help them recover. The non-GamStop casinos may not have such support to assist those struggling with addiction. As a result, most players find themselves getting deeper into the habit, with may result in further frustration and higher stress levels.

Some non GamStop casinos operate unorthodoxly without considering their players’ needs. They provide unreliable payment methods like cryptocurrencies which may not blend well with some players. With the GamStop casinos, you are guaranteed payment and are sure your money is safe.