Studio Bones released the first 12-episode season of the popular spooky anime "Noragami" in 2014. The producers quickly rolled out a 13-episode season 2 in 2015. Despite its popularity, the filmmakers have not yet confirmed its Season 3 during the anime's six-year hiatus.

Fans welcomed "Noragami" seasons 1 and 2. The excellent story plot, CBR said, resulted in more devoted viewers enthralled by the supernatural adventure and romantic components. Studio Bones has a mountain of content to choose from in the original manga, extending much beyond what the anime series covered. But then, one of the two authors faced health issues and caused the source material to delay.

The manga had an unanticipated two-year vacation from 2017 to 2019. But it has since resumed and is still progressing, with the most recent chapter published in February 2021. Sales suffered when the number of releases producers reduced each year from four to one.

"Noragami" season 2 also had a 60% drop in Blu-ray sales compared to season 1. Even after setting the stage for a season 3 in the season 2 conclusion, this low performance may have convinced Studio Bones that the series would no longer be as profitable as projected.

A "Noragami" season 3 is still a long way off. However, the anime's popularity continues to rise due to streaming sites. While everything is possible in the anime industry, and the series may receive its long-awaited continuation in the future, "Noragami" fans will have to rely on the original manga if they want to see more of the plot shortly.

Doms2Cents said fans can always rewatch old episodes of "Noragami" on several streaming services. Both seasons of Noragami Aragoto are available on Funimation's site as well as Amazon Prime Video. What are you waiting for if you haven't watched the series yet? Check out the series on the two streaming networks mentioned above, or read the spoilers below.

Hiyori Iki, a middle schooler, nearly dies while attempting to save a stranger from an oncoming bus in Noragami. Her soul occasionally slips out of her physical body as a result of the accident, and her spirit form has a tail that serves as her lifeline.

Caught between the living and the dead, she learns about the Near Shore, which is made up of live people, and the Far Shore, which is made up of ghosts and demons. Hiyori is visited by the boy she tried to save, who turns out to be Yato, a God of Calamity and Depression who can cure her illness, while she is terrified and perplexed by her paranormal state.

Yato is regarded as an obscure god who humans have long forgotten. He wishes to become a well-known and widely revered god with numerous shrines and vast wealth. On the other hand, humans do not want to be associated with a dark and sinister deity who is capable of annihilating entire armies by himself.

Yato's tumultuous reputation and actions have earned him a slew of adversaries, including Bishamon, who holds him responsible for the long-ago annihilation of all her Regalia. When Yato needs a new Regalia, he makes a deal with the soul of Yukine, a troubled yet talented young boy.

Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine became the original trio in "Noragami." They work together to attain common goals by assisting one another. When Yato is upset about not having a shrine, Hiyori creates one in miniature and sheds happy tears. Yato forcefully left Hiyori and Yukine for an extended period after being exploited and blackmailed by his former Nora and contaminated Regalia.

Hiyori forgets about Yato until Yukine jogs her memory, and the two embark on a mission to save Yato. Hiyori is the only one who can execute a Soul Call to resurrect Yato from the underworld by shouting out his true name, which she discovers to be Yaboku.

After his return, Yato releases Nora for good and resolves to become a God of Fortune with Yukine guiding his honorable activities. In Season 2 conclusion, it turns out that the boy who kissed Hiyori while Yato was away is Yato's father.

Yato, Yukine (Noragami) GhostX / via AlphaCoders

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