North Korea denounced the aggressive moves from the United States and Seoul on Saturday as both North and South Korea marked the 72nd anniversary of the Korean War over the weekend. In a report from North Korean state media KCNA, several workers’ organizations have vowed revenge on U.S. imperialists during the weekend meetings as they blamed the U.S. for starting the Korean war.

According to Fox News, Kim Jong Un’s rule marks the Korean War anniversary on the day it started on June 25, 1950. Since the start of the leader’s regime, tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated as missile launch tests continue despite western sanctions on the country.

At the meeting of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, workers' organizations said they would serve “merciless punishment” to US imperialists and their allies should they bring clouds of war over to North Korea. They agreed to carry out accelerated grain production plans for the remainder of the year to ensure full combat readiness

"Such insolent behavior of the U.S. fans the anger and revenge of the Korean people," a member stated. “It is still and further inciting the Korean people's hatred toward the U.S. imperialists."

Pyongyang’s statements come amid tension in the Korean peninsula as combined strategic assets from South Korea, Japan and the U.S. were deployed during the recent maritime exercises considered to be the largest ever conducted.

The pressure on both parties rises as North Korea reportedly appears to be preparing to launch its 7th nuclear test any time soon. Meanwhile, South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol reached an agreement in May with U.S. President Joe Biden to deploy more U.S. weapons in an effort to deter North Korea’s threats. Just last month, days before Biden’s trip to Asia, Pyongyang fired three ballistic missiles into the Japan sea and launched another series of missile tests as the U.S. president concluded his trip.

A statement from the South Korean government assured its people that it maintains constant readiness to effectively respond to any kind of provocations and threats coming from North Korea. "We will maintain a strong security posture based on South Korea-US alliance and a strong military backed by science and technology," Yoon posted on his social media.

72nd anniversary of the Korean War
In this photo taken on June 25, 2022, people hold a banner that translates as "Let us drive out the US Imperialism and reunify the fatherland!" during a mass rally to mark the "day of struggle against US imperialism", on the 72nd anniversary of the three-year Korean War, which began on June 25, 1950, at the plaza of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang. Photo by Kim Won Jin/AFP via Getty Images

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