A North Korea ship was stopped Monday night in Panama as it traveled from Cuba back to North Korea. The ship is said to have hidden large, undeclared, military weapons in sugar containers. Panama authorities stopped the ship in order to search for drugs when they found the weapons.

North Korea is under a sanction from the UN denying them the right to use or produce nuclear weapons. Cuba and North Korea are allies and both fervent in their hatred of the United States. North Korea has made several claims and threats suggesting it would not rule out a nuclear attack on the U.S..

These threats by North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un are believed to be nothing more than rhetoric. North Korea's leader is thought of as young and inexperienced. It is believed his threats were his way of proving North Korea's military prowess.

When the ship was stopped crew members began to riot; 35 members of the crew were detained. The ship's captain attempted suicide when the cargo was searched.

President Ricardo Martinelli posted a photo of a large green object believed to be a weapon in the ship's cargo on Twitter. The president said this is a nation that is neutral to the conflicts of others. The president also said his nation strides for peace.

"We are a neutral country at peace," the president said. "We are very concerned about undeclared war material passing through the canal."

According to Bloomberg News Neil Ashdown an analyst with the research company IHS believes that there may be more weapons or surface to air missiles stowed away in the ship. A nuclear North Korea is viewed as a danger to the rest of the world.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry recently praised Chinese efforts for attempting to get North Korea to give up on its nuclear weapons tests.


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