Setareh and Clarissa share details about their painful pasts on "Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP." Courtesy of Univision

When people look at a beautiful woman, their immediate reaction is to think that they have probably had it easy growing up. Throughout the years, actresses, models, singers and other public figures have admitted their struggle with body image issues at one point in their lives. Some have even revealed a much darker past.

On Sunday, “Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP” contestants Setareh Khatibi and Clarissa Molina confessed they have been through a lot to get where they are now.

“Beauty was a negative thing for me for the longest time,” Khatini said in tears. “I want it to hide it. I feel like, I don’t know, there are people out there who will take advantage of you, who will abuse of you sexually.”

During her breakdown, the show’s therapist asked Setareh how old she was when she was sexually abused. “Very, very, very little,” she replied struggling to her the words out of her mouth.

After finding the strength in her to calm down she continued, “Break the silence! Let yourself be loved, let yourself be appreciated, because you haven’t done anything wrong. Tell someone about it. For you. For other women. Because you are not alone, you are not the only one.”

Throughout the dynamic, the Latin beauties had to face their pasts in front of the mirror and give advice to their old selves. Clarissa, the 24-year-old Dominican bombshell, was another one to break the stereotype and revealed she even considered suicide during one of the roughest phases in her life.

“In those moments when you find yourself with no one around you,” a teary Clarissa bared. “And in that specific moment, you think about taking your life because you feel like you have a huge weight on your shoulders.”

She continued, “You are coming here with a purpose and you have to complete it. You can’t decide when it’s time to go or not. God doesn’t give a battle to those who are not fighters, and you have to love yourself just they way you are. Don’t be scared to speak up and express yourself. Let it all out.”

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