NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio's Staffer Tweets Anti-Semitic Remarks; What Did Anthony Baker Say?

Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio, running to replace outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, had a staffer resign this week over anti-Semitic tweets. Creative Commons

Pro-union candidate Bill de Blasio already has an uphill battle in his Democratic primary race for mayor of New York City, as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, D-Manhattan, is leading de Blasio, John Liu and the other Democrats by significant margins.

Bill de Blasio's mayoral race hit another snag on Tuesday after a longtime volunteer-turned-staffer in de Blasio's public advocacy office who was working on his campaign resigned amid a Twitter scandal. Anthony "Tony" Baker resigned this week after it was discovered he was behind the tweets of one "Hyman Doodlesack" on Twitter.

The since-deleted feed showed exactly why Bill de Blasio was quick to distance himself from his longtime aide. Riddled with anti-Semitic lines and insults, Baker once wrote that after hearing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in town to speak at the United Nations, he declared that "AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi," referring to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel organization and the Nazi's role in the Holocaust.

He also notified followers that he was allegedly spending a sunny day in Brooklyn Bridge Park in Lower Manhattan "signing copies of [his] new book, Was Columbus a Homo or Was He Just a Jew? NOW in KINDLE #pride."

His online remarks often turned from the subject of the Jewish population to that of women, Bill de Blasio's main rival Christine Quinn was a common target of his criticisms: "@BilldeBlasio Boy I love that [expletive] Dude, Bill de Blasio, and I can' wait for him to kick Speaker Quinn's bony [behind] in '13 #winning," finishing with an evident homage to actor Charlie Sheen, whose similarly unhinged rants in 2012 often contained interjections of the word "winning."

In addition to that comment toward Quinn, other posts including a reference to the Speaker's feminine parts, were recorded by the "New York Post."

Bill de Blasio said he was "disgusted and shocked" by the "outrageous remarks."

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