A New York Police Department (NYPD) cop was reportedly jealous that his ex-girlfriend talked to other men at a party, after which he beat her up and pulled out her hair extension. Following the attack, he was arrested.

According to a criminal complaint, Lt. Alexander Bobo was held last month in connection with the incident that happened in Brooklyn, reported New York Daily News.

A source said that the victim suffered bruising and bleeding in the assault. This happened after a party that Bobo attended with the woman, whom he had dated for four years and got back together with in the last two months.

A source said that he didn’t like that the woman had been interacting with other men that night and got annoyed. As per a criminal complaint, he snatched her phone and tossed it out of the window of his car then he began punching her. He went for her attached ponytail and ripped it out of her head and threw it away. She began crying out for help, but he closed the window to the car, so no one could hear her.

In 2012, Bobo was sued for allegedly assaulting another woman who was looking for a phone that she thought her mom had left in a store. According to the lawsuit, he threw the woman against a wall for no reason. When she yelled out for her mom, Bobo and another officer told her “if she called out for her mother again, she would be hit again." As per the lawsuit, he also referred to the woman and her mom as “nasty, stink, black dirty b****es." In 2013, the lawsuit was settled for $20,000.

In a separate incident that took place last month, a 35-year-old man was arrested for choking his girlfriend and punching two Metro police officers on Broadway, Nashville.

Tito Angel Matos was fighting his girlfriend. Later, cops grabbed him from the back to pull him away from his girlfriend, reported WSMV. While he was being pulled away, he turned and pushed an officer and punched another cop in the jaw. The woman said that she had slapped Matos many times while attempting to back away from him.

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