Stepdad Charged with Injuring Child After Slapping Stepdaughter's Bully zapCulture/Pixabay

A man from Cleveland, Ohio was charged last week after he was caught groping his 16-year-old step-daughter on camera while her online class was streaming. David Lowe was charged on Sept. 29 with sexual imposition.

According to 19 News, the incident occurred on Sept 28, when the student’s teacher and 39 other classmates witnessed her stepfather coming up behind the teen, wearing nothing but his underwear, and rubbing his crotch against the back of her head in her home in Berea, Ohio.

Lt. Tom Walker of the Berea Police Department said the Ohio Virtual Academy immediately reported the incident to them which lead to the speedy arrest of the stepfather. Walker said it was the girl’s fast-acting teacher that enabled the police to assist in arresting the suspect and, more importantly, giving the teen the help she needed.

True Crime Daily reported that authorities identified the stepfather as a registered sex offender. Court dockets state Lowe pleaded not guilty to the charges and posted a $50,000 bond.

Authorities continue to advise parents to always be aware of what their children may see online, even during virtual classes. Lt. Walker urged children that should they see something similar they should report it immediately to the police, remarking that it is their duty as law enforcement officials to protect the children of their community and want to be aware of any obscure behaviors like this.

In a separate incident last month, a 42-year-old private school teacher was arrested on charges of alleged sexual battery on one of her own students. Jamie Melton, a teacher at Carrollwood Day School in Florida allegedly engaged in sexual relations with the victim in September. A warrant for her arrest was posted on Sept 10 and was apprehended by police on Sept 11.

Local media said that Melton has since been suspended from the school following her arrest. School Head, Sarah Rubenstein said in a statement that Melton had a clean record and had no prior problems concerning her conduct. Carrollwood is reportedly a private, international school, with its students aged between 2 and 12.

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