High School football star Crosley MacEachen comes clean, and has been dropped off rape charges by Ohio prosecutors, after “new information came to light”.

The developments surfaced nearly a month after the 18-year-old standout player was charged for multiple sexual offenses that included one count of rape, one count of sexual battery, and one count of gross sexual imposition.

According to Fox News, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters released a statement on Thursday suggesting that the jury had reportedly procured credible information that “changed their understanding of this case.” Deters also reiterated that the dismissal was not a comment on the guilt or innocence of the football star.

“Our job as prosecutors is to seek justice. It is not to seek convictions,” said Deters, in the report. The statement detailed that the prosecutors had an ethical obligation to only go ahead with cases where there was a likelihood of success at trial. He maintained that the new information has pushed them against proceeding further. The new information hasn’t been disclosed as yet.

MacEachen was apprehended in June on the grounds of rape and a host of sexual imposition charges. He was eventually released on $100,000 bond. The Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy alumnus was indicted for sexually assaulting a sleeping teenager after the girl accused the football star of having sexual intercourse with her without her consent while she was asleep, New York Post reported. Court documents revealed that the girl woke up naked despite having gone to bed with clothes on.

The incident took place at the girl’s Symmes Township home on Dec. 6, 2020, where she allegedly pushed him off after finding him on top of her.

MacEachen was originally scheduled to play at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana, sometime in the fall. But, things remain ambiguous on that front given the controversies he has been embroiled in.

The 18-year-old was previously accused of grabbing a girl’s buttocks in another incident. His attorney Scott Croswell refuted the claims and stuck by the footballer’s stance, citing how the allegations were “unproven”, hence making the young sports star innocent.

Sexual assault
Sexual assault Photo by Gerd Altmann/Pixabay