Sunday night will be the mid-season finale of "Once Upon a Time" and then brace yourselves fans it will not be returning until March 9, 2014. In the last episode we saw the death of a favorite character, the Blue Fairy. Pan's shadow tore Blue's shadow from her body and she fell down dead. Emma and the rest of the gang heads for Gold's shop where they ask him to let Pan out of Pandora's Box so they can stop him for good. What nobody know is that Pan switched bodies with Henry before being trapped.

In actuality it is Henry that has been trapped in the box. Still looking like Pan Henry tries to convince his family he is who he says he is. Emma tests him by asking a question only Henry would know regarding the first time they connected. Henry tells her that it was the day he told Emma he understands why she had to give him up. Everyone is excited to have the real Henry back and goes looking for Pan. Regina was worried that Henry would no longer need her now that he had both of his birth parents.

Playing on Regina's fear Pan was able to use his presence in Henry's body to manipulate her into taking him to where Regina keeps her spells. We learn that Pan wanted the curse Regina used to bring everyone to Storybrooke. Pan's plan is to unleash the curse which would send everyone back to where they came from. Then Pan could turn Storybrooke into "the new Neverland." The mid-season finale is going to be an action packed event and rumors say the Blue Fairy may be coming back.

Show executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis recently stated that shadows can be reunited with their corpses. Unfortunately for the rumor mill the mid-season finale is said to open with a funeral scene, most likely for the Blue Fairy. From the episode promo we see that Pan and his right hand Felix were successful in unleashing the curse. Rumple points out the even Emma would be unable to break the new curse because there would be no "true-love" loophole this time.

"Pan has regrouped and come up with a plan B that is probably more devastating and intense," Horowitz told TV Line. "It's going to test all of our heroes to see if they can stop him and at what cost." Co-creator Kitsis added that "We learn very quickly that he is a villain unlike any we've faced, and there's no 'home field advantage' for us." The show creators were keeping quiet on how or if the "OUAT" heroes would stop Pan but they did say the mid-season finale is meant to wrap up a lot of arcs.

"The midseason finale is meant to tie up all of the arcs and loose ends from the first half of this season, while also endeavoring to carry over the story into what we are hoping is a compelling new mode of storytelling in the second half," says Horowitz." By the end of Episode 11," Kitsis said, "most of the loose ends are tied up. Like, 'Does Tink get her wings back?' - all these questions will be answered. It will feel very much like a season finale, and we are very much setting up what will be a season premiere in March."

Horowitz also told TV Line that the second half of the season will have a feel more like season one in that is will be a strict real world to Enchanted Forest type of show with no other worlds mixed in. "We have some intriguing surprises in the season finale," Horowitz teases. "We've obviously been building to this all season, with the mindset of using it as a launching pad for the second half of the season," Horowitz said. So what should we expect on Sunday for the mid-season finale?

We will see Regina working her magic as well as a possible body switch between Henry and Pan. We should also expect a battle between Peter Pan and his son Rumplestiltskin. We already know that a new curse will be unleashed, should we expect our heroes to return to the Enchanted Forest? Hold on to your hats CaptainSwan fans because we may catch Hook and Emma sharing a special moment together. If there has been one TV couple talked about all season it is Emma and Hook, Fans were teased about a possible romance between them when they kissed in Neverland.

What do you think will happen on "Once Upon a Time"? Sound off in the comment section below!

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