The ending of last week's "Once Upon a Time" was surprising to say the least. All season viewers have been stunned by certain revelations made by the characters on the show. Hook loves Emma, Snow wants a baby, Emma was hoping Neal was dead and oh yea Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father making him Neal's grandfather and Henry's great-grandfather. Last week Emma, Regina, Hook, Snow, Charming, Neal and Rumple believed they were successful in trapping Pan and saving Henry. Little do they know that Pan was able to switch bodies with Henry before Rumple could trap him in Pandora's Box.

On tonight's episode "The New Neverland" we can expect (1) the citizens of Storybrooke to be overjoyed at the return of Henry and his family from Neverland. Photos from tonight's episode show everyone gathered at the docks waiting for the Jolly Roger to return. The crowds cheer and Granny extends her arms to great Henry with a hug. Photos show Rumple embracing Belle and (2) Hook is surprised when he is welcomed back as a hero for his help in rescuing Henry. Other reunions include Wendy and her brothers as well as Ariel and her Prince Eric.

When we last saw Ariel, Regina had given her a bracelet that would allow her to control her human legs whenever she wanted. Regina was the reason Ariel lost her voice and could not find her true love. Prince Eric was brought to Storybrooke with the curse and it looks like he and his little mermaid have finally found each other. (3) Regina should not expect a happy welcome upon her return to Storybrooke. The residents there have not forgotten her past as the Evil Queen and are not likely to forgive her anytime soon.

With the false Henry happily reunited with his birth parents Regina is left to wonder how much of her son she will get to see. Despite their happy reunion the citizens of Storybrooke still have a major obstacle before they can live happily ever after. The must find a way to defeat Pan once and for all. In the promo we see Emma and Gold talking about (4) a plan to get rid of Pan forever. The details of the plan are unknown but we do see that he has been brought to the town limit.

Emma draws her gun on Pan who shocks her when he calls her mom. Emma looks bewildered as Pan confesses he is the real Henry. Emma may believe what she is hearing because in the promo she is talking to her father about how different Henry has been acting since leaving Neverland. Emma feels a lot of guilt about giving Henry up for adoption and is looking to repair her relationship with her son. "Once Upon a Time" airs tonight at 8pm on ABC.

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