In an exclusive clip from tonight's episode of "Once Upon A Time" we see Neal, Emma, Snow, Charming, Rumple, Hook and Regina speaking with Wendy about Pan's plan for Henry. From the moment Henry first met Peter Pan the evil Pan told Henry that he possessed the heart of the truest believer and that would be what saved all magic on Neverland. Last episode Pan used Wendy to convince Henry he must save magic. While Henry thinks he is about to become a hero to Neverland, Wendy knows the truth.

(1)Wendy tells Emma and the rest of Henry's family that she knows nothing about Pan's plan but is then threatened by Rumple who says he has told enough lies in his life to recognize them in others. Wendy counters and asks Rumple why she should trust a man who abandoned his own son. When Neal first left the Enchanted Forest he ended up meeting Wendy and her brothers and helped to save them all from Pan, or so he thought. Pan has kidnapped Wendy and is forcing her brothers to work for him.

It was Wendy's brothers who tried to stop Ariel and Belle from bringing Rumple a weapon that should help them kill Pan. Now Wendy's brothers are in Storybrook working with Belle and the others. (2) Wendy will drop a bombshell tonight as she reveals the true nature of Pan's plan to Henry's family. Peter Pan is going to kill Henry in order to save himself. According to Wendy Pan is dying and needs the heart of the truest believer in order to make himself immortal. Wendy says Henry will not survive once Pan gets his heart.

In the promo for tonight's episode we see Pan flying above Henry's family as they try to rescue him. We will also see something more surprising than anything, (3) Regina will ask for Emma's help. Regina has sort of been teaching Emma to use the magic she was born with. Emma can start a fire with her powers but so far nothing more. Regina tells Emma that she needs her help with magic and to follow her lead. We see Henry's moms raise their hands over their heads but we do not see the result of their combined power.

Finally, in a flashback to the Enchanted Forest before Regina enacted the curse we get an idea of how Rumple became the way he was. (4) Tonight on "Once Upon A Time" we will meet Rumplestiltskin's father. Guest star Stephen Lord will play Colin, Rumple's father. We got an idea that Rumple and his father had a difficult relationship. Pan and the lost boys were tormenting Rumple with a doll that was given to him by his father. Rumple thought he had gotten rid of the doll and the memories that it roused but he was wrong.

An all new "Once Upon A Time" will air tonight at 8pm ET on ABC. Can't watch tonight head over to to catch up an all the episodes you missed online.

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