Two new spoiler clips have been released in advance for tonight's all new "Once Upon A Time." When we last saw the characters on "Once Upon A Time" they were shocked to learn Peter Pan has switched bodies with Henry before Rumple trapped Pan inside Pandora's Box. While Emma, Snow, Charming, Hook and Rumple were with the real Henry, Pan was able to manipulate Regina into taking him to where she keeps her spells. Pan, in Henry's body knocked Regina out and it was later discovered that he was after the curse Regina used to bring everyone to Storybrooke.

Tonight we will see the citizens of Storybrooke attempt to thwart the new curse, which if successful will return all of the inhabitants of Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest. This will allow Pan to turn Storybrooke into the "New Neverland." In the promo for tonight's episode we see the characters panicking at the thought of forgetting whom they are when they return to the Enchanted Forest. Tonight we can expect to see (1) Peter Pan and Henry switch back into the right bodies.

Rumlestiltskin must be able to work his own magic on the pair. In one of the spoiler clips wee see (2) Rumple reunited with his dad, a.k.a Peter Pan. Rumple and Pan get into a fight and Pan is able to place a cuff on Rumple's arm that takes away his magic. Pan asks his son why he is not able to be free of him and then threatens to kill everyone that Rumple loves. Before we get involved with the deeper darker parts of tonight's episode viewers will also (3) see the Blue Fairy's funeral.

Last week Blue was killed when Pan's shadow tore hers from her body. Weather or not her death is permanent remains to be seen. Since shadows can be restored to their bodies there is a chance the Blue fairy will come back. On the other hand if Tinkerbelle were to every get her powers back she could take Blue's place as the go to for good magic on "Once Upon a Time." Viewers should also expect a (4) confrontation at the Blue fairy's funeral

Leaked photos show Tinkerbelle, Charming, Hook and Neal in the Church where the fairy is being laid out. The photos show the characters running through the church looking concerned. From the looks of things Pan's shadow is attacking the church. In another photo we see Tink holding the lantern that they used to trap Pan's shadow in the past. From the look on Tink and Hook's faces it seems that they were successful in grabbing the shadow. Tonight is the mid-season finale of "Once Upon A Time." The show will return to ABC in March.

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