It is likely safe to assume that nobody saw that coming on last night's episode of "Once Upon A Time." If you missed the mid-season finale you need to read on because there is a lot you missed. The show will return for the second half of season three in March. Last night Henry and Pan returned to their own bodies, but Pan had already unleashed the new curse that was making its way toward Storybrooke. Rumple tries to stop his father, but Pan is able to limit Rumple's magic, which leads the dark one to a devastating decision.

As Pan finds Rumple's family in the middle of the town it looks as though he is about to make good on his promise to his son to make the people he loves suffer. Pan places a spell on everyone that renders them immobile. Rumple then shows up and, in an unusual act of selflessness, has his shadow return his dagger, which he uses to kill himself and Pan. Rumple's father returns to his older self and both disappear. As the group is able to move again, Belle falls to the floor and weeps uncontrollably.

Neal is also heartbroken at his father's death but the focus quickly moves to stopping the curse. Before his death, Rumple tells Regina she can stop the curse by destroying the scroll it is written on. The catch is the residents of Storybrooke will still have to go back to the Enchanted Forest. Henry and Emma are the only two able to leave the town. Henry feels guilty over the fact that his family will be forced to split up due to Pan's actions. Emma is torn up about having to leave her parents.

Regina tells Emma to take Henry and says she has a special gift for the two of them. Regina casts a spell that will make Henry and Emma forget all about the last few years and make it seem as though Emma never gave him up for adoption. As the town and its inhabitants are enveloped by the curse Henry and Emma escape. Before they leave, the pair says goodbye to their family. Hook tells Emma he will think of her everyday and she tells him "you better."

One year later we see Emma and Henry living in their NYC apartment enjoying breakfast with absolutely no memory of Storybrooke or their family. A knock on the door surprises the pair who was not expecting any visitors. Low and behold standing at their door way is the sexy Captain Hook telling Emma her family needs her help. Emma has no idea who Hook is and knees him in the groin when he tries to kiss her. Hook was hoping true love's kiss would restore her memory, but it didn't work. Emma slams the door in his face and when Henry asks who was there she tells him she had no idea.

The show will return in March with an all new story and an all new villain. As the former residents of the Enchanted return home they will learn that their kingdom is not the same place they left. A new villain from a classic tale will be terrorizing everyone as they return. The Wicked Witch of the West played by "Lost" alum Rebecca Mader will be placing the fairy tale characters in grave danger. Hook has returned (although we don't know how) to our world in order to find Emma.

Hook is not having an easy time convincing the savior that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. In the promo for the March 9 episode we see familiar faces return in the form of Sleeping Beauty and her prince. We will likely also see the return of Mulan and Robin Hood, which means his unfinished love story with Regina may be heating up. It is going to be hard to wait three months before the next all new "Once Upon A Time," but until then stick with Latin Times for all of your "OUAT" spoiler needs!

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