'Once Upon A Time' retuned to ABC last night with an eventful season premiere. Some questions were answered but viewers were left with more by the time the episode was over. The season premiere started off with Snow White, Charming, Emma, Hook, Regina and Gold on board the Jolly Roger. The crew had arrived in the waters off Neverland in their attempt to rescue Henry from Peter Pan. Tamara and Greg took Henry to Neverland at the end of last season. The pair doesn't last very long in the new season.

When Henry, Tamara, and Greg arrive they learn that Peter Pan and the lost boys are the "Home Office" they have been working for. Pan leads Tamara and Greg to believe that their job is to destroy all magic. In actuality Pan uses Tamara and Greg to get them to bring Henry to Neverland. Peter Pan is after the "heart of the truest believe" and Henry is in possession of that heart. When the trio arrives in Neverland Tamar and Greg refuse to hand Henry over unless they got some answers.

Peter Pan, an evil entity, was not happy with Greg and killed him by ripping his shadow from his body. Tamara takes an arrow to the back and tells Henry to run before hitting the ground. Tamara doesn't make it but not because of the arrow. She comes face to face with Rumplestiltskin who asks her what happened. Rumple uses magic to get off the Jolly Roger and go look for Henry himself. After Tamara tells him what happened Rumple rips out and crushes her heart.

Last season Tamara shot Rumple's son Neal and he fell through a portal. Neal is alive and doing well in the Enchanted Forest. He has teamed up with Mulan, Aurora, Prince Phillip and Robin Hood in order to figure out where Emma and Henry are. When Neal learns that Emma is in Neverland (with the help of a crystal ball) he becomes upset and worried. Having spent time in Neverland Neal knows that Emma is in grave danger.

As Henry is running through the Neverland forest he meets a lost boy who tells him he has been trying to escape Pan for a long time. When Henry asks the boy why Pan was after him the boy tells Henry he stole a vile of pixy dust in an attempt to escape Neverland and now Pan wants him and the dust back. What Henry doesn't realize is that his encounter with the lost boy is a trap set by Pan. In fact the lost boy is Peter Pan in human form.

Until now we had only seen peter Pan in shadow form. The lost boy reveals himself to Henry after Henry shows Pan he does have the heart of the truest believer. The lost boy tells Henry there is a cave they can use to hide from Pan. After being chased for a while Henry and the by end up near a cliff and Henry tells the boy to use the Pixy dust. When the lost boy tells Henry the pixy dust doesn't work Henry tells the boy to believe. Henry spreads the pixy dust on himself and the boy then jumps off the cliff.

The pixy dust works and they are able to fly. This proves to Pan that Henry is the boy he's been looking for. When they land the lost boys surround them and the boy Henry was with tells him he is Peter Pan. It is still unclear what Pan needs Henry's heart for or what Pan will do to Henry's family now that they are in Neverland. An all-new "Once Upon A Time" will air Sunday on ABC!

"Once Upon A Time" cast:

Emma- Jennifer Morrison

Snow White- Ginnifer Goodwin

Prince Charming- Joshua Dallas

Regina- Lana Parrilla

Rumplestiltskin- Robert Carlyle

Mulan- Jamie Chung

Aurora- Sarah Bolger

Neal- Michael Raymond-James

Robin Hood- Sean Maguire

Hook- Colin O'Donoghue

Henry- Jared S. Gilmore

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