Last night's episode of "Once Upon A Time" was surprising to say the least. We learned some shocking truths about Peter Pan and his past relationship with Rumplestiltskin. Tinkerbell returned to help lead everyone into Pan's camp to get Henry. Regina and Emma teamed up to use magic in order to find Henry and Rumple is trapped in Pandora's Box. In flashbacks to Rumple's childhood we see that his father is a drunk and a scam artist. Little Rumple just wanted his father to earn an honest living so they could be together.

Rumple is left by his father at the home of two spinster women who tell the little boy he would be better off without his father. The spinsters give Rumple a magic bean and told him to go to another realm where he can be happy. Rumple decides to show the bean to his father who tells the boy of a place he used to visit in his dreams. Rumple and his father head to Neverland where Rumple's father realizes the magic in Neverland only works for children. The shadow finds Rumple's father and tells him adults do not belong in Neverland.

Rumple's father makes a deal with the shadow. The spirit will give him eternal youth and allow him to remain in Neverland as soon as the obstacle in his way, meaning little Rumple, is removed. The shadow agrees and grabs Rumplestiltskin who is desperately clinging onto his father. After a few harsh words Rumple's father lets the boy go and we see him turn into Peter Pan. Yes Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father making him Henry's great-grandfather. Pan took his name from a doll Rumple played with as a child.

Peter Pan is dying and we learn that is because he broke the rules by staying in Neverland longer than he was supposed to. Neverland used to be a place where children go in their dreams. Pan turned it into an island of suffering and torment. Last night Pan was able to convince Henry to give him his heart to "save magic" the truth is Pan needed Henry's heart to save himself. Henry hands Pan his heart and then falls to the ground as Regina, Emma and Neal run to him.

The "OUAT" characters still believe they can save Henry and now need to get his heart back from Pan. While the mystery remains as to how they are going to pull Henry's heart out of Pan, Tinkerbell actress Rose McIver shed some light on her character to "She's jealous and possessive, but also encouraging and delightful - my job was to also bring the human element to her. She's a fairy, but as you see, her wings are taken away. So I had to play someone who'd lost their sense of identity."

While we may have discovered Pan's connection to Rumple last night why he chose to allow Tinkerbell to remain on Neverland has never been explained. It took some convincing but the green fairy eventually agreed to help everyone get to Pan's camp. Tinkerbell wanted an escape plan before agreeing to anything and now viewers are wondering if she'll show up again in Storybrook. "We do learn more about Tinkerbell's backstory in Neverland, pieces of it and there's so much more still to come."

"Well I'd say that in the next couple episodes," McIver continued, "there are some pretty big changes of scene." McIver also told Hollywood Life that she would love to do a scene between her character and Ariel, played by Joanna Garcia Swisher. "I think Tinkerbell and Ariel could be [quite] a dynamic little combo." "Once Upon A Time" will be back on ABC with a new episode in two weeks.

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