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It's official, ABC has announced that "Once Upon a Time" will be coming back for a fourth season! As if the network would cancel one of its most popular shows. 

While we don't know exactly what will happen in the season three finale, we do know that the portal Zelena attempted to open did indeed open upon her death and from the promo trailer it appears a couple of our Storybrooke heroes fell through. We still have two hours left until the season is over and in the final moments we are suppose to learn where we will be going next.

This season we traveled to the magical lands of Neverland and Oz, so which fantastic realms is next on the list?  

The possibilities are virtually endless, but here are some guesses about mythical locations that could pop up in Season four of "OUAT."

1. Arandelle -- The "Once Upon a Time" team has made it clear they are huge fans of the hit-Disney film "Frozen" and would love bringing it to life on their show. “We would be completely honored if Kristen Bell or Idina Menzel wanted to do our show,” said creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz at Paleyfest 2014. Even better news, in a recent interview with E! Online Kristen Bell responded to the creators wanting her on "OUAT."  

“That would be unbelievable,” she said. “I love that character of Anna so much. She is exactly who I wanted to see when I was five years old. She is really close to my heart.”

2. Agrabah -- We've already been introduced to the world of "Aladdin" on "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" but surprisingly we have yet to meet the actual stars of the film, Aladdin or Jasmine, or any of the main iconic characters for that matter other than Jafar of course. With "OUAT in Wonderland" canceled and Michael Socha (Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts) reportedly joining "OUAT" as a series regular it wouldn't be too surprising if the creators further delved into the world and we met more classic Disney characters. 

3. Narnia -- This would be more than interesting to see but of course the licensing is the real issue here. The show has slipped some subtle "Narnia" references including the recent use of the "door to nowhere." This world is rich and expansive with tons of heroes, villains and mythical creatures much like the Enchanted Forest. Only one question remains, how could the show get their hands on the rights to this franchise?

4. Marvel's Asgard -- This is a long shot but seeing how ABC already host a Marvel show, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," and picked up another "Agent Carter" we don't see why this couldn't happen. Plus how awesome would it be to see a OUAT Marvel crossover?

5. Transylvania -- This isn't as far off as Asgard seeing how we've already met Dr. Frankenstein. This could definitely be another realm the show visits and who knows, the Storybrooke heroes may have to face off against Dracula. Or he can be an ally that helps against a different big bad. 

6. Camelot -- Lancelot already exist in the Enchanted Forest, it's not that wild an assumption that perhaps Camelot is another neighboring kingdom in the same world. We'd love to see "OUAT's" take on the King Arthur tales. Besides there are plenty of magical elements from Camelot including the wizard Merlin, Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone and much more!

Meanwhile Ginnifer Goodwin revealed there will be a huge giveaway as to the shows next location with the naming of the Charming's baby.

“Yes, the baby’s name is going to be significant, absolutely significant,” Goodwin told TVLine. “In fact, every time I not only read the script but then every time we filmed it, I got very genuinely emotional. It was an excellent move -- and very unexpected.”

So keep your ears open during the season finale to learn the Charming's baby's name and if you have an idea of any other places "OUAT" could go next season share it in the comment section below.