Once Upon A Time
Will Henry get powers in the second half of "Once Upon a Time?" ABC

Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) has always played a crucial role in ABC's fairytale drama "Once Upon a Time," but he has been the odd man out in most . Meaning he was always the one without any magical abilities or even fighting experience. Isn't it odd that the son of the savior and the grandson of the dark one has no magical abilites whatsoever?

However, there is one magical element in Henry's life that's all his, the storybook, and the second half of season four will primarily deal with that book. Henry and Regina (Lana Parrilla) are on a search to find the author of the magical storybook to get the Evil Queen her happy ending. We have a feeling that on this journey to find the author there will be some big reveal about Henry which could include some special gift or magical powers. And to be honest it's about time!

From what we know of the "OUAT" series it appears magic can be learned as we seen with a younger Regina who was taught by Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and her half-sister Zelena (Rebecca Mader). But it also appears you've got to have that magic gene and looking at Henry's family line he's full of potential. If Henry is to learn magic it will most likely happen this season but we will have to wait and see. Until then check out these other juicy details about season four of "OUAT":

1. According to Hypable Patrick Fischler will join "Once Upon a Time" season four for a recurring role as a peddler. Fischler’s character is confirmed to appear in both Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest portions of the season’s second story arc.

2. Eion Bailey who played Pinocchio in the first couple of seasons of "OUAT" is said to return to the series in the episode titled "Enter the Dragon." More than likely he will appear in a flashback scene of the episode.

3. TVLine has revealed that Agnes Bruckner will appear in a three-episode arc. There's been a lot of speculation that she might have been cast for a character called Autumn. According to a description from Hypable, her character is that of a woman of extreme charisma who is independent and is capable of effortlessly wrapping people around her in her schemes. Despite the fact that Autumn is regarded as a constant trouble maker, her character is made out to be somebody who simply wants to be loved. She ends up being alienated by the people most close to her due to her unconventional methods.

4. There are several more characters expected to make their entry during the second half of the fourth season of "OUAT." The celebrity list of cast members include Ernie Hudson who plays Poseidon, Eion Bailey who plays August, Sebastian Roche playing King Stefan, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher who portrays Ariel from the "Little Mermaid."

5. Co-creator Adam Horowitz gave fans an Easter egg telling TVLine, we’re going to get an explanation regarding the days of Tom Ellis playing Robin Hood:

“And for the uber-observant fans … we’re going to shed some light on just why he might have looked different and not had a tattoo in Season 2.″

6. The Wicked Witch Zelena will make her return to the series. Some fans of the hit fairytale drama were able to get close to the ABC set and grab a few pictures. In the shots we see Mader in all her green glory sporting a long sparkly black gown, fur-lined cape and pointed black hat. She'll most likely return in a flashback story as we know Rumple stuck a dagger in her in season three.

7. While Rumbelle shippers have doubts that Rumple and Belle will end up together the creators of the hit ABC series feel differently. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Horowitz said, "What I'll say about this, in all seriousness for the Rumbelle fans, is that definitely Rumple and Belle are not over." Horowitz added that the mid-season finale was just a chapter in the "OUAT" story, and he tried to appease fans, saying, "We're telling a larger story and there are more chapters to come."

8. The co-creators also teased to EW that Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will be hungry for revenge on Rumple, and that everyone’s favorite pirate might have history with yet another villain. When asked if Hook has a “past” with Ursula, Edward Kitsis replied, “can’t say.” However, Ursula being from the sea and Hook being a pirate the pair having a complicated past seems more than plausible.

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