Once Upon a Time
Top things we learned from the "Once Upon a Time" season five premiere. ABC

For months now "Once Upon a Time" has been teasing the arrival of "The Dark Swan," and the season five premiere delivered. It wasn't apparent that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) would make the jump to the dark side so soon but it happened. Plus we were introduced to a plethora of new characters and a major time jump! Check out these five things we learned from the "OUAT" season five premiere "The Dark Swan" below. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the season five premiere of "Once Upon a Time." Read at your own risk!

1. Merida's background and future - A bit of Merida's (Amy Manson) "OUAT" background was revealed in the premiere episode "The Dark Swan." We learned that the Scottish princess is in dire need of a magical wisp to learn the whereabouts of her kidnapped brothers. We also learn that her kingdom does not see her fit to rule and she needs her remaining family to gain control of her land. Although her inital plan was to find her brothers captors and make them pay, Merida’s near-death experience with Emma has changed her motive moving forward. Furthermore, while we know her father was killed, we will see both Merida's parents in a flashback episode later this season, EW reports.

2. Zelena's pregnant and angry! - The Wicked Witch was foiled in her attempt to return to Oz and tagged along on the journey to Camelot with our heroes. The deranged Zelena (Rebecca Mader) cut off her own hand to gain back her magic and it seemingly worked until Regina (Lana Parrilla) proved she was the smarter sister and one step ahead of the green witch. We learned that Zelena desperately wants to be loved and believes she can achieve that unconditional love from her baby but only far, far away from Storybrooke. After the gang returns from Storybrooke Zelena is seen with the rest of the cast but she's not in cuffs, chains or ropes so we can only assume that in the six weeks that went by in Camelot she was perhaps attempting to be good.

3. Merlin & Excalibur - So the usher that caught Emma stealing the candy bar was, in fact, Merlin (Elliot Knight). Although his cameo was brief we did get our first look at the powerful wizard. Even more, when Arthur (Liam Garrigan) pulls Excalibur from the stone we learn that the Dark One's dagger and the mythical sword were always meant to be one. Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis reveal they will explain why Merlin is where he is, why he warned Emma all those years ago and why the Dark One's dagger and Excalibur are separated.

4. Memory loss, time jump & the Dark One - At the end of the episode Granny's Diner arrives back in Storybrooke with all our heroes in old world garb and unaware of why they are back. We learn our heroes have been gone for six weeks and no one has the slightest idea of what went on during that time. We cut to Emma standing in the doorway as the official Dark One. Whatever happened in Camelot, we know on thing is certain, our heroes failed to keep her from going dark side. From here on out we will learn more of what went on in Camelot and how we ended up at this point.

5. New roles, new leaders - There is no longer a savior in Storybrooke and Emma even proclaims so in the latest promo trailer. We know that the town will be looking towards Mayor Regina to help with savior duties and she will gladly oblige. While this seems like a good move for the former Evil Queen it doesn't bode over well with everyone. Horowitz told EW, "Impacts Regina’s relationship with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), with someone who has been a leader and people have turned to. It becomes hopefully very complicated and messy in a good way, which is these familial and adversarial connections are forced to interact in a new way."

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