The Dominican Ministry of Education's payroll audit procedure extends beyond the central headquarters to include all of the system's educational facilities on a nationwide scale, Diario Libre reported.

The institution is not rushing, according to Minister Ángel Hernández, who also claimed that the audit of the headquarters is insufficient.

Hernández said “at Minerd, we are not in a hurry: the personnel audit was carried out at the central level, but it is insufficient. Now, school by school to verify the reality of the teaching and administrative payrolls. The whole process is ongoing and the results will be announced. IT IS CHANGE”, in a post on his Twitter account.

President Luis Abinader has given his approval for the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) to audit the Ministry of Education's payroll because, following the change in minister last August, a number of initiatives were launched to make administrative procedures, including those for purchases and contracts, as well as the payroll, transparent.

After conducting a survey of the headquarters staff, the MAP auditors determined that there were over 7,000 employees there, which they felt was excessive for a State agency.

Even though the payroll audit's findings have not been made public, Minister Hernández said that a number of factors, including employees who were discovered to be dead, absent, and on leave, among many other variables.

There is also the possibility of the occurrence of a similar situation in the regional and educational districts and also in the schools, which is why a thorough expert evaluation of the system will be conducted, covering all the personnel and the functions they carry out, to ascertain whether or not permanence in the position of public servants is relevant

A significant number of employees who are listed on the payroll but do not show up for work in the ministry that oversees the largest State budget have been discovered by the auditors since the inspection began.

In the previous two years, the Chamber of Accounts also conducted audits of the Ministry of Education's budget execution, and the General Directorate of Public Contracts (DGCP) also conducted expert opinions on all procurement and contracting processes.

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