Fans are definitely stoked on what “One Piece” Chapter 957 of the manga series might bring. Here are a few exciting speculations based on the many cliffhangers left by the recently released installment.

Is Sabo Dead Or Alive?

One of the biggest cliffhangers brought about by the recently released “One Piece” Chapter 956 is Sabo’s fate. News saying that he perished spread like wildfire, shocking everyone who knew him.

However, not everyone is quite convinced that the character actually met his demise. For instance, YouTuber RogersBase believes that Sabo is somehow still alive and will later be revealed in “One Piece” 957 or later chapters.

Indeed, the fact that it was not really shown just how he died is somewhat comforting to some fans. This means that it’s possible for Sabo to still be alive and holed up somewhere for whatever reason.

There are speculations that King Cobra might have been assassinated by CP-0 for knowing too much. According to OnePiecePrime, Sabo was likely captured by the group to be used as the scapegoat for Cobra’s death.

Former Shichibukai Fights Back

Another big surprise is how speedy the World Government dealt with their former allies, the Shichibukai. In the recent installment, their troops have already been mobilized and have surrounded the various strongholds of the warlords to capture them.

However, it won’t be easy for the WG to subdue the former Shichibukai as they’re determined to oppose the forces sent to subdue them. For instance, Buggy the Star Clown instructed his men to give them hell while he planned to conveniently slip away during the fight.

Meanwhile, Dracule Mihawk just coolly assessed the situation and seemed to be excited on the contrary. “Ah this excitement, it’s been too long since I’ve been chased,” he merely commented. With the title of the Strongest Swordsman in the World, it would be hard to take down this warlord as well.

Edward Weevil and his mother, Miss Bakkin, also found themselves in the same situation, but they remain nonplussed as well. It seems that Bakkin even had full confidence in her son’s capabilities as she ordered him to get them all.

But it was Pirate Empress Boa Hancock who revealed why she and her contemporaries remain relaxed even with the amount of forces sent against them. “Do not fret,” she responded to a rattle subordinate. “It seems they have forgotten. The reason we became Shichibukai is because we are strong.”

One Piece Members of the Straw Hats Pirates in Eiichiro Oda's hit manga and anime series "One Piece." One Piece/Facebook