The release date for “One Piece” Chapter 955 is almost here, and fans will soon know what happens next in the exciting Wano arc. But for those who just can’t wait, there are already a few spoilers doing their round. Be warned: fans who don’t want to be spoiled mustn’t read further.

Luffy Gets Stronger

In the previous “One Piece” Chapter 954, Luffy was seen training hard to perfect his new Haki technique Ryou. Apparently, the Straw Hats captain’s training will still continue until two days before the big batter is going to happen, according to spoilers on Otakukart.

What’s exciting to fans is the promised big boost to Luffy’s fighting prowess once he masters Ryou. “It can be used for defense like invisible armor or it can be converted to offensive use to great effect!!!” Hyogoro told Luffy.

While that’s neat, there’s still another level that makes Ryuo particularly scary and deadly to Luffy’s opponents. “But when you go one level beyond that, the Haki you wield can penetrate the enemy’s interior and destroy them from the inside thus making it much more powerful,” the old man added.

Presumably, that’s the level that Luffy is trying to hurriedly master in preparation for his fight. Fans can only hope that he gets to fully master it before the day arrives, especially now that he’ll be fighting not only Kaido but Big Mom as well.

Zoro Gets A Power Upgrade

It won’t just be Luffy who will be getting a power upgrade next chapter. His teammate, Zoro, will also enjoy a huge power upgrade by wielding a new sword.

Previously, Zoro was made an offer by Hiyoro to give up Shisui and exchange it for Enma. Many were excited because Enma is indeed a powerful weapon as, in the hands of Oden, the sword was able to injure Kaido in the past.

It was not really clear in “One Piece” 954 if the deal pushed through. Thankfully, recent spoilers suggest that Zore eventually end up with Enma in his hands.

In fact, he will be testing the sword in the next installment with surprising results, according to Otakukart. “Zoro wanted to try out the sword with a tree, but he ended up slicing the coast with a single swing!” the publication wrote.

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