Fans are looking forward to the release of “One Piece” Chapter 962 of Oda’s manga series especially after getting a glimpse of Oden’s awesome skills in the recent installment. But, one other thing that has likewise piqued fans’ interest is how Kurozumi Orochi might have managed to climb his way to Wano’s top post in just a few short decades.

“One Piece” manga chapter 961 focused on the havoc caused by the Mountain God on the Flower Capital as it searched for its missing child, as reported by the Inquisitr. It was basically one gigantic boar which indiscriminately ate houses – along with its occupant - on its path as it followed the scent of its offspring.

People were blaming Oden for stealing the white pig, which caused the Mountain God to go down to the city. Upon learning that Otsuru was one of those who were devoured alive by the enormous creature, Oden manned up to his responsibility and confronted the behemoth.

Despite the disparity of their respective sizes, Oden won the battle which earned him the admiration of everyone. While numerous houses were destroyed, the people inside them were still alive inside the Mountain God’s belly and there was no casualty.

However, the God of the Mountain incident resulted in Oden’s being disowned and exiled from the Flower Capital. He then went to Hakumai to see its daimyo, his uncle Shimotsuki Yasuie.

This is where the story took a rather unexpected turn. As Oden saw someone new among his uncle’s men, which turned out to be a new errand boy named Orochi.

Of course, this is the same Kurozumi Orochi who is now the current shogun of Wano. Naturally, the revelation sparked speculations as to how he rose from being a lowly servant to the top post of the country.

The upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 962 will likely unveil more details about Orochi, according to Otakukart. While the installment might not yet reveal the treacherous acts he did as well as how his alliance with Kaido came to be, it will likely give some information about his background.

In addition, Oden will likely meet other members of the Red Scabbards on his next job, according to Otakukart. At the moment, he only met Denjiro and Kin’emon but there’s a good chance that Kanjuro and Raizo will be joining the group in “One Piece” 962 or later chapters.

Unfortunately, waiting for the next chapter will be a bit longer this time because Oda’s team is, currently, on a break. “One Piece” 962 release date is scheduled for Nov. 17, 2019.

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