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“One Piece” Chapter 965 just dropped proving that most of the previous spoilers and speculations were indeed correct. It still follows Oden’s adventures as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Predictions about Oden falling in love with Toki were also spot on. Previously, Toki was obsessed with reaching Wano Country but, with Oden around, she totally forgot her goal and no longer wished to visit the land as long as she’s with the Daimyo.

What most spoilers failed to predict is that Momonosuke was actually introduced in the chapter. Even his younger sister, Hiyori, was also introduced as both siblings were actually born when Oden and Token were still traveling around the world with Whitebeard.

Meanwhile, the chapter finally hinted at how Orochi Kurozumi became the current Shogun of Wano. While Oden was traveling the seas, his father, Sukiyaki Kozuki, fell ill. Sensing his imminent death, he made preparations beforehand so the transfer of the Shogunate to Oden will be smooth even after he died.

He did this by selecting a regent that will temporarily rule the country while Oden is away. Unfortunately, he made the wrong choice when he chose Orochi Kurozumi for the role.

Orochi was actually plotting to ascend to the throne all along. It all started when he met a mysterious character who told him how the Kurozumi clan would have ended up being the lord of Wano if not for Sukiyaki Kozuki’s birth.

With meticulous planning and superb acting skills, Orochi partially achieved his goal by becoming the regent of Wano. But to become the Daimyo, he’ll have to make some moves, which might be shown in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 966.

The first order of business is for Orochi to solidify his position as the leader of the country. This can be done by slowly and, perhaps, treacherously removing those important people who are still loyal to the Kozuki Family.

Once he managed to eliminate the opposition, no one will stop him even if he declares himself as the new Shogun. Even if Oden comes back in the future, he only needs to eliminate him because all officials are basically Orochi’s men.

In the recent chapter, Whitebeard’s group finally met Roger’s group. But it was not a happy reunion at all between the two pirate captains. Rather, Whitebeard even proposed that battle each other to the death.

“One Piece” Chapter 966 will also likely feature some fighting between the two. However, it won’t be a fight to the death as suggested and both of them will come out alive in the encounter.

The highly anticipated meeting between Oden and Roger might finally happen in “One Piece” 966. It would be interesting to see just what Roger said to Oden to convince him to join his group.

One Piece
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