There are still three days to go before the official “One Piece” Chapter 971 release date arrives. However, a few spoilers about the upcoming chapter are starting to trickle in.

According to “One Piece” 971 Spoilers posted on Reddit by u/brikskohuh, the title of the upcoming chapter will be “Condemned to Boil.” The most exciting revelation is that Oden will still be alive throughout the entire chapter.

One of the events that have perplexed fans is why Oden agreed to dance on the streets naked for five years. Thankfully, the reason behind his action will be revealed according to “One Piece” Chapter 971 spoilers. But it might not be to Shinobu’s satisfaction and she will become very angry.

Orochi will complain about what Oden’s family did to his clan which is probably a reference to how his entire clan was annihilated due to a power struggle against Oden’s family. For whatever reasons, Oden will go with Orochi’s proposal and cooperate with him.

King will likewise appear in “One Piece” Chapter 971. Unfortunately, not much is known at this point just what King would do in this chapter.

“One Piece” Chapter 971 will also cover what happens during the day of the execution. Orochi’s men will be seen heating up the oil to boil Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards alive. However, there is still a chance that the execution might not happen at all.

Apparently, Oden will try to work out a deal with Orochi and Kaido. “I want another chance, I need to be alive,” Oden will say to himself. He will then ask Kaido for another chance.

Interestingly, some fans are starting to suspect that Oden might be the “Lurking Legend” Oda was referring to. “If the ‘Lurking Legend’ = Oden; that would mean he abandoned Wano (includes not choosing not protecting his family till he dies) at hands of the likes of Kaido and Orochi for 20+ years > All to fulfill the purpose of opening of Wano borders,” dream_break wrote. “Better be a damn good reason, following thru Oden's character so far imo.”

Will Oden successfully strike a deal with Kaido? “One Piece” Chapter 971 releases on February 16.

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