“One Piece” Chapter 973 has not officially released yet but a few spoilers have already been posted on the net. Apparently, one of the most popular theories will finally be discussed in the upcoming manga chapter – the identity of Kyoshiro.

Orochi will do his best to eliminate Oden’s forces to the last man in “One Piece” Chapter 973, according to the chapter’s summary posted on Reddit. However, Toki is one step ahead of him as she will be able to send Momo and the Samurai to the future before Orochi’s arrival. Using her ability, however, will take so much out of her that it results in her death.

“One Piece” Chapter 973 will also solve the mysterious identity of Kyoshiro. If the summary is correct, it would finally reveal that Kyoshiro is actually Denjiro just as some fans have been speculations.

“In order to conceal his identity, Denjiro changed his appearance, adopting the name ‘Kyoshiro’ and makes underlings,” the summary posted on Reddit reads. “He completely kills his identity and sticks by Orochi's side taking up Hyogoro's role in the Capital as chivalrous mafia boss.”

Hiyori will be separated from Kawamatsu although details as to how this might have happened are not yet available. Denjiro will then reveal his real identity to Hiyori.

However, he requests Hiyori to keep his identity a secret, even to his allies. He asks Hiyori to only reveal his secret once the battle starts. Denjiro, as Kyoshiro, will then request Hiyori to adopt the new name “Komurasaki” to protect her life.

“Until the very start of the battle that will take place somewhere, I implore you to not divulge any details about my identity to anyone, even if those people happened to be our allies,” Denjiro will tell Hiyori, according to the summary. “From today onwards, I will protect you in place of Kawamatsu. Please take up the name of ‘Komuraski’ from now on.”

Denjiro will be able to fool Orochi, who won’t be able to see through his disguise. “So you're from the Kyoushiro Family?” Orochi will ask Denjiro who presents himself as Kyoshiro. “Your reputation precedes you. Will you try to protect me then?”

One Piece Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook