“One Piece” Chapter 972 is expected to continue with Oden and the Nine Red Scabbard’s execution. The previous manga installment gave fans some degree of hope that Daimyo of Kuri might just survive the ordeal when he entered into a deal with Kaido.

Unfortunately, recent “One Piece” Chapter 972 spoilers just obliterated that hope. As to be expected from Orochi and Kaido, they will change their mind as soon as they find out that Oden might survive the boiling pot of oil within one hour.

The spoilers came from Reddit user u/gyrozepp95 who also warned that the summary of the upcoming chapter is yet to be fully confirmed. Thus, better take this one with a grain of salt.

Shinobu explained to the crowd why Oden acted like a fool dancing naked on the streets for the past five years. As the people of Wano started to understand him, Oden even started to entertain thoughts of making Wano more accessible. “If I can endure through this boiling execution, I want to open up this country,” Oden said.

Apparently, there was a reason why Wano was sealed off from the rest of the outside world. The Kozuki clan was there in power to make sure to assist a certain person.

But Oden knew that that was just wishful thinking since neither Kaido nor Orochi is willing to let him go. “But I will be honest, they will definitely kill me today, so I hope all of you can help me open up Wano to the world,” Oden said.

Indeed that’s what happened as the style of execution was just arbitrarily changed to make sure Oden and his men end up dead. “I just changed my mind a minute ago,” Orochi announces. “It will be changed to a shooting execution. And this applies to his whole family.”

But before they could shoot him and the Nine Red Scabbards, Oden throws out his men with all of his might to help them escape. Meanwhile, Kaido makes sure that Oden is dead by executing him personally.

“No matter what, your body has been dead,” Kaido said. “For the last compassion, I will be the one who executes you. Your honorable death will be passed on by the rest.”

Toki later learned of the execution by reading an obituary. She then retrieves a letter written by Oden where the deceased Daimyo explained that he is already in his peak yet he still couldn’t defeat Kaido when they battled. He placed his hopes on a future battle which could introduce someone strong enough to defeat the Yonko.

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