Fans are eager to see what happens in One Punch Man Season 3 after the popularity of the previous season. After a four-year delay, producers released the second season in 2019. Hence, fans may expect a similar wait for the third season. But the real question is, will there be a third season of "One Punch Man"?

But anime fans eagerly anticipate the news of having the next season. The success of the "One Punch Man" anime's first season was entirely due to the efforts of producer Shingo Natsume rather than Madhouse as a whole. Madhouse was unlikely to take on the project because Shingo Natsume was unavailable.

The good news is that producers did not release any statement about the cancellation "One Punch Man" anime series. With that, Madhouse lovers might have to watch "Btooom" Season 2, "Hunter X Hunter" Season 7, "No Game No Life" Season 2, and "Overlord" Season 4, among others.

But take note that Madhouse Studio did not make the "One Punch Man" Season 2. Instead, the season was produced by J.C.Staff Studio (which also produced "High School of the Dead," "Maid Sama" Season 2, and Prison School" Season 2).

Season 3 of "One Punch Man" has also been postponed, reports said. That's because Season 2 drew a lot of criticism, leading some to question if the anime would be canceled. The show of Saitama has not been revived for a third season. But, thankfully, it hasn't been canceled as well.

The information is available thanks to a tweet from the anime series' official Twitter feed. They thanked people for watching the second season in this tweet. As they did so, they appealed for fan support for a "One Punch Man" Season 3 to be approved and begin production as soon as possible. If that's the case, they've vowed to return soon.

According to The Awesome One, the release date for "One Punch Man" Season 3 is expected to happen in the summer of 2022. There has yet to be any confirmation of the OPM Season 3 Release Date. The anime, on the other hand, will not return until the summer of 2022.

Theories obtained by Devdiscourse said the upcoming season will have a large number of heroes. The heroes will enter the Monsters' lair and engage in some spectacular battles. Saitama is capable of defeating his opponent with a single punch. In "One Punch Man" Season 3, however, such will not be the case. His other side, aside from his well-known human-monster persona, will be revealed to the audience.

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