The royalty in Prince William’s blood was not something that was easy for him to accept growing up. This is for the reason that he had no clue whatsoever that he might have to sit on the throne one day.

In Andrew Morton’s book titled “William And Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding” released in 2011, he wrote that Prince William actually had “no idea” that he was different from others back when the prince had not yet started school. This changed after other students at his school made it blatantly clear to him that he was different.

In a documentary by broadcaster Jeremy Paxman titled “Paxman On The Queen’s Children,” the prince had once told his mother, Princess Diana, that he “didn’t really want to be king.” Princess Diana was known for trying to give her family a sense of “normalcy” in their lives. Prince William wanted to incorporate this in his life even when she passed.

He recalls his days at University of St. Andrew’s and how he felt a strong sense of solidarity with the student body. They were “starstruck” at first but tried to not let his title get in the way. “The last thing I want to do is cause loads of hype or problems,” the prince commented.

When William was 18, he volunteered in Chile and enjoyed thoroughly his “normal” experience. He was very clear of his desire to be treated “normally” and that he disliked the “special treatment” one would get from being royalty.

Malcolm Sutherland, the expedition leader, mentioned that they did everything in order to provide him an experience as “normal” as anyone’s. His fellow volunteers described him to be “one of the lads,” adding that the prince really tried to be a part of the group.

“I don’t like special treatment,” Prince William said in the pulled up documentary. “Which is why I think I get along with these guys so well as well.”

Despite his dislike for “special treatment,” his current status brought him back under the spotlight, with all the cameras on his family. It is now Prince William’s wish to raise his own kids in the same way that Princess Diana aimed to raise him and Prince Harry — having as “normal” a life as possible.

Prince William Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, smiles during a walkabout on March 06, 2019, in Blackpool, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images