Prince William learned about his future role as king in the most casual way. Young as he was at the time, he had no idea that he was special. When he started school, his innocence was shattered by the discovery that he was not and would never be like any other kids his age.

Prince William is the second in line to the British throne. In the death of Queen Elizabeth, his father, Prince Charles, will be king. The Duke of Cambridge will then take over once the Prince of Wales dies or gives up the throne for him.

Being the second in line to the throne, Prince William will have important roles to fulfill once he becomes king. Currently, he is the Duke of Cambridge and is already quite in tune with his duties in the royal family, regularly attending royal engagements and spearheading big-ticket projects with his wife, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

As a child, however, it was a different story for Prince William. His mother, Princess Diana, tried her best to let her children live normal lives. She brought them up in a way that allowed them to live just like any ordinary youngster, even telling them that the crowd of photographers flocking into them when they were out in public was just there for her and not them.

Because of their upbringing, Prince William never thought or felt that he was different. However, everything changed when he started school and started to mingle with other kids.

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Prince William started to feel that he was special when he entered school and noticed that his schoolmates were treating him differently. In his 2011 book “William And Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding,” Morton revealed that Prince William found out about his destiny after one classmate asked him about Queen Elizabeth.

“On one occasion a classmate reportedly asked him, ‘Don’t you know the Queen?” Morton recalled. “William looked at him and replied: ‘Don’t you mean Granny?’” he added. That moment, Prince William had some sort of an awareness of himself and his status.

The royal biographer also revealed that Harry was very good at teasing his older brother. When William said once that he would like to be a policeman and to look after his mother, Prince Harry told him emphatically that he could not because he would be king one day.

From all the teasing, questioning and the way the people around him treated him, it eventually dawned on the young prince that he was born to be king. And he knew there was no way he could get away with it. 

Prince William Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, officially opens Brains Brewery before attending the Wales vs Ireland Six Nations Match on March 16, 2019, in Cardiff, Wales. Richard Stonehouse - WPA Pool/Getty Images