In 2017, Prince William committed to becoming a full-time royal by leaving his post at the Air Ambulance Service to focus on his royal duties. Although it may take long years before he becomes the King of England, there have already been discussions about his future reign. In fact, a former royal butler has already predicted what King William’s first project will be once he ascends the throne.

In the Amazon Prime documentary “The Diana Story,” former royal butler Paul Burrell shared his thoughts about Prince William’s future kingship and said that his first project could have something to do with his late mother, Princess Diana. According to Burrell, future King William might take advantage of his position to give Princess Diana what he believes is due her. “One day, when William is king, the first thing he’ll do is restore his mother’s titles,” he said.

When Princess Diana tied the knot with Prince Charles in 1981, she was bestowed the title Her Royal Highness. However, this was taken away from her when their divorce proceedings came to a close in 1996. Burrell, who joined Princess Diana’s household in 1987, revealed that after the completion of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce, there had been debates as to whether or not Princess Diana still had the right to retain the honorific.

According to Burrell, while Queen Elizabeth was fine with allowing Princess Diana to retain her title, Prince Charles did not agree with the Queen and moved to take the title away from his ex-wife. As a result, Princess Diana was laid to rest on her family’s estate without “Her Royal Highness” on her plaque. Today in the grounds of Althorp House, more than 20 years since she died, Princess Diana’s plaque still reads “Diana Princess of Wales,” shorn of the honorific that she deserves. For Burrell, Princess Diana’s Her Royal Highness title should have been restored on her burial day, but Prince Charles remained unbending until the very end.

When Princess Diana was stripped of the title, Prince William, then 14, was reportedly in school with his mother. When he heard the news, he promised his mother that he would restore her title when he becomes king. Burrell said that if Prince William remains true to his word, then the move will raise Princess Diana into the position she should have been raised to more than two decades ago.

Princess Diana Britain's Princess Diana arrives on October 4, 1990, for a charity gala at the Departmental Auditorium in Washington. KEVIN LARKIN/AFP/Getty Images