The new version of the American sitcom from 1975 "One At A Time" is getting famous on Netflix and the reboot really represents the LGBT community, Latinos and women in its episodes.

According to a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoescast and crew of the series revealed the show's writer's room is half Hispanic, including Mexican, El Salvadorian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban scribes; and also LGBT writers and women who speak from their position on the storylines.

 “It’s not 12 white guys in a room going, ‘Uhh, I think it would be…’ You know? ‘I think she’d say…’” co-showrunner Mike Royce explained. “It really comes from everyone’s specific experience, but to get that specific experience, you have to get those people in the room.”

In the interview, lead actress Rita Moreno says that the military angle takes the show beyond the obvious and opens up a whole new avenue of on-screen representation.

Actress Justina Machado also expressed her opinion about how represented she neeeds to be for her role. “[It] is important to us, very important to me, very important to Gloria, and all of us, that we are represented the way we want to be seen,” she said. “Ain’t nobody playin’ the best friend that’s a wiseass,” she added.

Maybe, that's the reason why the series seems to be so refresing for all of us, because even the characters have their own language, they are really atypical and we love that. 

“It’s so empowering to have a teen daughter that’s different, that’s more into facts than beauty, but can also see how beauty is an asset,”  Young actress Isabella Gomez said. “I think she’s super deep and super layered, and I love her.”

Co-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett also stated her position and said she faced that sort of typecasting as an actor before deciding to write her own life script.

“I actually came out [to L.A.] to be an actor originally, and every audition I went out on was to be a gangbanger’s girlfriend or a gangbanger’s sister,” Kellett says. “And I was like, ‘Really? There’s not like a teacher or a lawyer?’ And I felt, Well, if people aren’t writing that, I’ll write it. And I started writing material for myself.”

Read the whole interview at Rotten Tomatoes and watch "One Day At A Time" trailer below.