The internet has been buzzing about the elusive OnePlus One for months. Dubbed the "flagship killer," the OnePlus One smartphone boasts a price starting at just $300, without contract. Specs? How does a Snapdragon 801 chipset, 3 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, 3100 mAh battery, a 5.5-inch screen with 1080 resolution, and a super fast 13 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, However, there was always one problem with the self-proclaimed "flagship killer" -- you couldn't buy it anywhere. Finally, on Oct. 27, the elusive OnePlus One can finally be yours.

For months OnePlus One was only available via an invite system. According to the official website, pre-orders for the OnePlus One will be open on Monday, Oct. 27. However, availability is still extremely limited. As the website explains, customers are limited to only two devices per order. Secondly, OnePlus is only taking payments for pre-orders on PayPal. Finally, once OnePlus sends out an email to confirm the preorder, you only have a 60-minute window to complete the order for your new phone. 

To the lucky few that manage to complete the order for their new phone, OnePlus has not announced when the pre-orders will ship. Apparently, despite the Oct. 27 OnePlus pre-order invitation, the device is still officially available to the general public. So, how do you feel about the latest OnePlus promotional event? Will you be looking to pre-order a OnePlus One on Monday? 

Be sure to visit the official Pre-Order page on the OnePlus website.