Nita Marie, a Christian model, reportedly believes “Jesus would have loved sex workers.” And, the internet is far from amused.

In one of the 45-year-old’s recent posts, Marie claimed that “God tells her to strip off”.

And well, she didn’t stop at just that. The model reportedly averred that she asked God if she had to continue stripping, and the answer from the almighty has always been yes.

According to Daily Star, Marie made a spate of explosive statements and backed it up by adamantly reiterating that Jesus wouldn’t discriminate against sex workers as he is accepting of everyone. The controversy that she whipped up appears to be a result of being shamed by churchgoers who allegedly termed her “delusional” and a “grifter”.

Unsurprisingly, the Colorado-based model was on the receiving end of extremely caustic comments. One of the users chided her for already knowing that God agrees with something that she already wanted to do. Another user maintained that “stripped for God” was clearly taking grift to an all-new level. A volley of others believed that the woman seemed to be possessed and delusional, and it could be Satan talking to her.

Marie enjoys a massive fan base on Instagram—953,000 followers and counting. She also has a steady following on OnlyFans (with an account name MamaNita) of about 65,000 subscribers.

The influencer’s page handle that goes as @love_nitamarie, maybe going viral for all the wrong reasons. But, she seems to believe that sharing her story might inspire people to understand how one can be both sexual and pious.

Marie alleged that the branding and biased judgment meted out to sex workers have resulted in many adult industry professionals being turned away from the church. She enthused that God wouldn’t have wanted it that way, and was hoping to be a voice for any sex worker and advocate how they could still have a relationship with Him, irrespective of societal norms and conditioning.

“Sexuality is a huge part of my faith, it is a gift that God gave us to experience with other people where both parties are consensual,” said Marie in the post, as per the media outlet. She added: “I believe that God wants women to look and feel great and to enjoy their sexuality. By empowering myself to feel sexy in my own skin, I allow others to do the same.”

Marie made inroads into the modeling industry to up her self-esteem following her divorce in 2017, which she branded as an asexual marriage.

Unperturbed by the flak that’s coming her way, the model believes it’s her calling to empower women to embrace their sexual side without the fear of god’s wrath.

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