Orange is the New Black
"Orange is the New Black" season four spoilers, cast and more. Netflix

Season four of the Netflix hit-series "Orange is the New Black" will say hello to a handful of awesome directors such as "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner.

According to Realty Today who cites a report from Vaniety Fair Weiner will direct one episode of season four of "OITNB," and fans are expecting the "Mad Men" creator to work his magic in the Netflix series. As a director Weiner is known to be stubborn plus he revealed a few times that he is a control freak, which ultimately translates into carefully directed series episodes.

Some of the cast of "OITNB" is already talking about what a great director Weiner is. Laura Prepon dished on how the "Mad Men" executive knows exactly what he wants to achieve and he knows how to handle a cast as big as theirs, reports UpRoxx.

"We filmed a huge day on Sunday, and a lot of directors might have been overwhelmed by that, but he wasn't and he knew exactly what he wanted to do," Prepon said. "... I love Matt — he's awesome."

Weiner is not the only special guest director coming to "Orange is the New Black's" fourth season. According to Christian Today, Jodie Foster, Nicole Holofcener and Allison Anders will all come in to direct an episode of the coming season.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Latin Times Jamila Velazquez spoke about her upcoming projects. The starlet informed us that she would be starting her solo music career by releasing new original music. She also told us she would appear in season four of "Orange is the New Black," but didn't go into further detail about her character.

"Orange is the New Black" is scheduled to return to Netflix summer 2016.

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