"The Originals" will premiere for Season 5 on October 3 on the CW! The CW

My love for “The Originals” has, of late, been replaced by my undying devotion for “Pretty Little Liars” but after watching the Season 2 trailer, which premiered at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, my affection for the first family of vampires has returned! Seriously, it’s been a while since the once reigning family of New Orleans was on our TV screens, but now with the October 3 premiere date on the horizon, fans are more excited for Season 2 than ever. The trailer begins with Rebekah reciting a sweet fairytale to her niece, Hope, who has grown up since fans have been away.

While the story begins about a princess, fans realize that the “majestic King” Rebekah is talking about is none other than her ruthless brother Klaus, who was viciously attacked and beaten in the Season 1 finale by the Guerrera werewolves. The trailer continues highlighting all of Klaus’s past and present foes, and makes a point to mention the moonstones Genevieve created to harness the full power of the Werewolf curse, as opposed to only on full moons. The ability the moonstone provides and Klaus depleted vampire army seems to be the Mikealson’s main difficulty, this season. But I said main, not only, returning to her troublemaker roots is Hayley, who after losing her daughter and being turned into a hybrid is more vicious than ever, and she hasn’t forgotten about the witches who attempted to sacrifice her infant daughters life.

Adding to all the chaos in New Orleans is a Mikealson family reunion. While normally family reunions are a happy occasion, the Mikealsons are no ordinary family especially when your dad is described as “the vampire who hunts vampires,” your mom is “one of the greatest witches to ever live” and you staked your brother to spend centuries in a coffin. That’s right, Kol’s back!

In addition to Klaus and Elijah’s parents returning, they have formed an alliance with the witches, and especially Davina, who really doesn’t have much left to live for. Finally, Marcel is down but he’s never out and the once reigning King of New Orleans is looking to build a new vampire community, but not if Eljah has anything to say about it. It seems like the return of the Mikealsons will thrust Klaus, Elijah and Marcel back together in an attempt to reclaim New Orleans for the vampires. Oh yeah, and Cami was once again whining about something, blah, blah, blah. Get on Hayley’s level Cami.

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