The fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber which started in Ibiza has continued after the singer decided to continue the feud on social. It's gotten so bad that the British actor has had to ask 'Beliebers' stop botherin him on Instagram. It all began when, hours after the fight, Bieber posted a photo of Orland Bloom who appeared to be crying. Not long before, Biebs also posted  and took down a picture of Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr.

Following the fight, many rumors have emerged about the reason for the discussion. In 2012 photos emerged of Justin Bieber hanging out with Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Meanwhile in April this year, photos emerged of Bloom hanging out with Biebers' ex Selena Gomez. Neither camp has officially commented on the fight - Bloom doesn't have an Instagram account and has been all quiet. 

However, an Orlando Bloom fan account on Instagram has had to publish the following statement after abuse: "All the "bielebers" who are mad at me, I never asked you to follow me or look at my page. Don't go on to an orlando bloom account and not expect them to be mad at justin.... Also no one needs to be telling ANYONE to go die. There is also no reason to criticize someone for their opinion. Criticize orlando if you want but bc someone likes Orlando does not make them a bitch and vice versa for liking justin."