Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac graces the cover of "GQ," where he talks about his role in the new "Star Wars" movie, all the insecurities portraying this character, how he grew up in a very religious household and more! GQ

Oscar Isaac, the Guatemalan actor that is on everyone's radar, has revealed all of the details about being insecure during the filming in his latest role, his religious upbringing and if he’s anxious about doing more "Star Wars" movies. “I actually felt the most green and insecure than I had in a long time. I was like, What am I doing here? There was a lot of room to shade in the character. Every time I tried to do that, it would slow things down too much. J.J. would be like, ‘Get on with it, man!’ Just, Louder! Faster!" Isaac said, " I would feel like I was doing that all the time. It felt weird and like I was not being creative. I would get nervous I wasn’t finding enough or I was missing an opportunity.”

The 36-year-old artist shared with America's GQ magazine how his father made him reflect on individualism at a very young age "he instilled that in me, It was way more important to recognize myself as an individual than as part of a group. I wasn't part of the Latino community, I was just a kid in high school with friends, who was into playing music."

When he was asked about if he’s nervous about filming the upcoming movies, he said, “No! Because what’s so fun about it is…it’s all made-up! It’s all f*cking made-up, but in a great way. We get to create it as we go.” The actor also opened up about his religious upbringing telling the magazine that his "dad was a man of extremes." adding, "and the way my mom was raised, she followed her husband. So if God spoke to my father one day and said we were not supposed to have a TV in the house, it was suddenly gone. The Hernandez home became the site of a kind of ongoing tent revival…. I was never frightened by it. I was more curious why I wasn’t feeling the real thing myself.”

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