“Outlander” star Sam Heughan revealed how he felt working with “demanding” co-stars on the set of “Outlander” season 5. On Tuesday, the actor spoke on the “Outlander” End of Summer series with Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser in the series.

In “Monster and Heroes,” Claire tried her best to save Heughan’s character, Jamie Fraser, after he was bitten by a venomous snake. Unsure of how to treat Jamie, Claire extracted the venom using maggots.

Sam Heughan admitted he did not enjoy having the maggots crawl over him during the filming, saying he was not very keen on the critters. “They’re very demanding, aren’t they?” he said.

The actor also teased Balfe, who admitted she was quite fascinated by the maggots and described them as “a bowl of Rice Krispies.”

“And they move so damn fast,” said Heughan. “You put them down and they are off. I think you were quite fascinated by them,” he told Balfe, to which the actress responded, “You weren’t there at this point, it was myself and Lauren (Lyle) but they were brought in in a box and you could hear them but then this waft of rotting flesh sort of just.”

Balfe revealed the experience with the maggots was so “disgusting” they requested to be washed after doing the scene. She also teased Heughan, who she said “squirmed a little” after doing the scene with the maggots. “You weren’t too bad but it was when they went missing up your leg or under your legs,” she told her co-star.

Heughan said it was hard staying in the scene with thousands of little maggots charging around trying to get into him. He said he had his prosthetic on and could not see where it ended so he had to wait for the maggots to find the edge and get under it.

Days before the interview, it was revealed that Heughan and Balfe apologized to David Berry for being “annoying” while filming a scene with him. “Sorry,” Heughan told Berry. “We’re really sorry David that we’re not professional. Next question!” he added in jest.

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