Lucero Fans Are Outraged
The so-called Lucerinas have come out to defend their idol after photo scandal. Televisa

Lucero has kept mum after the photo scandal she has been surrounded by these last couple of days, but she is not alone to fight this battle. Her so-called Lucerinas have come out from under the rubble to defend their idol from all the attacks the Mexican singer has been undergoing. A group of fans assembled a press release that they have distributed throughout social networks that call for respect of Lucero's personal life. "Considering that the fans of an artist are a fundamental part of their career and public image, we have taken the liberty to express our profound discontent and indignation for the abusive, violent and grotesque treatment that Lucero has been exposed to," the statement reads.

Social networks have lashed out on the celebrity after a set of photos were published by a Mexican tabloid magazine. In the pictures we see Lucero hunting animals in the wild and posing happily with her millionaire boyfriend, Michel Kuri. So far the actress and singer has not pronounced a word regarding the scandal, but she is said to be extremely upset at the turn of events. The press release from fans continues to defend their idol in the meantime, which calls for "respect." "Nobody has the right to expose an artist's private life, let alone defame and expose underage children just to sell. Nobody has the right to judge, point, insult or disrespect a person just for taking part of an activity that they don't like and that is legal and considered a sport."

"We live in a world where each individual is free, in which everyone has a private life and we need to respect that," the statement continued. "Thousands of fans have united to make this statement and demonstrate that one talented, brilliant, loving, humble, philanthropic person that is Lucero, has gained our love and admiration. We defend her and support her every time it is necessary. One more time, respect and tolerance please." At this time it is not know if or when Lucero will address the public scandal she has been submitted to.

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