Lucero In A Pantene Ad
Lucero may have lost the campaign for Pantene according to an insider. Pantene

Lucero is experiencing a backlash after personal photos were leaked and published by a Mexican tabloid magazine that shows her hunting animals in the wild. The pictures have created quite the stir in social media and the consequences are being felt by the telenovela star that had lead to her losing out on an ad campaign and possible job offers. According to journalist Lupita Martinez from radio show "Formula Espectacular," an insider revealed to her that Lucero has lost out on a shampoo campaign she was the spokesperson for. The "Por Ella Soy Eva" star had been the face of Pantene and they have now proceeded to distance themselves from the actress after all the negativity.

On the same talk show, Martinez, revealed that what had upset Lucero the most was a particular image that was altered by TVNotas. The photo shows the singer with red blood on her face, but Lucero says these were manufactured by the publication and the original picture doesn't have the red blood. Furthermore, she said that Lucero will be staying in the U.S. until the scandal settles down. However, this is not the only way the photos are affecting her life as she was set to appear in the prestigious Viña Del Mar music festival in Chile, but suddenly this is in danger too.

According to El Universal, the mayor of the Chilean city was surprised from the images she saw and asks festival organizers to evaluate Lucero's presence at the event. "I am very surprised by the presence of this artist in those photos, as a defender of the lives and animal rights, I ask that you evaluate as organizers and producers of the Festival the impact that this information," Virginia Reginato said in the open letter. "The Festival should always be an instance where art can express the best of a human being and their content should call on for peace, unity and harmony." Do you think Lucero should be banned from the Viña Del Mar Festival?

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