Lucero is known for her philanthropic work during the annual Tele-Ton event that helps raise funds for hospitals that help out children in need. Her image is clean and tries to stay out of scandals, but a recent photo leak has shocked the industry and entertainment enthusiasts that have painted Lucero in a negative light. Mexican tabloid magazine TVNotas released an article that included leaked photos of the 44-year-old actress hunting wild animals with her millionaire boyfriend, Michel Kuri.

Tipped off by the publication, Lucero released a statement the night before the photos became public. "I am very hurt and I find it incredible that they stole photos of my personal life for publication," she said. "What I really find off-target is that they mix pictures of different moments and activities making everyone believe that it was all the same event." The telenovela star was infuriated that in the article her children were included practicing on a shooting range, but Lucero insists they were with an instructor for this summer activity. 

The news has become a viral sensation on social networks and has caused trending topics like "Lucero Asesina" ("Lucero The Assassin") and "Te Mato Como Lucero" ("I Will Kill You Like Lucero"). Twitter has been inundated with mocking of the event and here are some of the best ones (translated):

Sussy P.: "I always knew that she was better as a villain #LuceroAsesina"

Daniel: "Yesterday you cried for disabled children, today you kill animals for fun"

Tefy: "RUN! Here comes Lucero" and included a picture of a baby lion with an open mouth.

Chochos: "Maybe Lucero hates horns and that is why she kills innocent animals"