Cover of Wired magazine
Mexican student Paloma Noyola Bueno was toted ‘The Next Steve Jobs’ by Wired magazine in their November 2013 issue. Peter Yang /Wired

A decade after being labeled the 'Next Steve Jobs' by Wired magazine, Paloma Noyola will run for the position of local congresswoman in the district that encompasses her city, Matamoros, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Paloma, 23, also inspired the movie 'Radical'—produced by Eugenio Derbez, based on Joshua Davis' article published on the cover of Wired in October 2013.

In the film, Paloma plays a small part as a school librarian.

Paloma Noyola (right) in 'Radical film
Paloma Noyola (right) in 'Radical film Radical Film's Facebook page

The current law student has been nominated by the National Action Party (PAN, center-right) to run for a state congressional seat in Tamaulipas' 11th district, situated in Matamoros—a border city known for its manufacturing activities but also plagued by violence—and located near Brownsville, Texas.

In the Wired article, Davis, who also has writing credits on "Radical," reports that Paloma placed first in mathematics on the academic aptitude tests known as 'Enlace.'

Davis also mentions that the method applied by Paloma's teacher, Sergio Juarez Correa, played a crucial role in helping students at a small school in one of Mexico's most violent cities excel on several national tests.

A year after the Wired cover story, Paloma made headlines once again when the then-mayor of Matamoros gifted her family a house.

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