A cult in Panama killed seven people where five of them were children and one is a pregnant woman. The victims were tortured and hacked with machetes, and their bodies were found in a grave near the improvised temple that was built in a remote jungle in El Terron. 

The authorities found a bible sitting on a wooden altar and there are a few instruments like a drum and a guiro in the makeshift temple. They were shocked at the horrible scene when they arrived as the place was littered with burnt clothing and a number of muddy footwear.  

It was said that the pregnant woman and her five children were forced to walk through fire and they seemed to have been “sacrificed” by the members of the religious cult. It was added that the members who believed they were "anointed by God" chose non-believers as a sacrifice and they don’t care even if they are their own relatives. 

According to CNN News, nine native people were arrested in connection to the gruesome crime that occurred in a remote area of the Ngäbe-Buglé region in Panama. Those who were charged include two uncles of the five children as well as their grandfather. 

On the site of the attack, the police found a grave where the bodies of three girls and three boys whose ages range from 1 to 17 were buried. Also found was the remains of the 32-year-old mother who is around six months pregnant. 

The cops searched the area and raided the property. Through the raid, they were able to save 15 people from the cult and they are believed to be the next ones to be killed by the cult as a sacrifice. Some of the rescued individuals have burns and showed signs that they were beaten.

This place is said to be home to a large group of indigenous Panamanians and no one thought this grisly murder will happen in their community. There are about 300 people living in huts and most of them are related to each other. 

"Nobody expected this," Evangelisto Santo, the tribal leader said. "People were dancing and singing and nobody paid attention because we knew that they were in the presence of God."

Associated Press reported that the members of the "The New Light of God" sect started to forcibly get the victims into the church and they were beaten if the cult members think they did not repent for their sins. The brutal cult activities were said to have started when a villager got back from abroad and he brought back strange religious beliefs with him.